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Collision Conference Preview: Sympl Is The Social Network College Students Need

Sympl Isn’t Just A Social Network For College Students, It’s The Social Network College Students Actually Need.

Check out the video above, that’s Matt Eleweke and Roderick Daniels, founders of a new social network for college students called Sympl. But Sympl isn’t just a social network for college students, it’s actually a social network that college students need. We actually met them and shot that video at SXSW, not this year, but last year in 2017.

Sympl has been working hard over the past few years to create a social network and app experience that allows college students to network with one another and help each other out if they forgot to take notes in class, need help with an assignment or homework or just want to grab a cup of coffee with a student that sparked their interest in a discussion.

Today’s social networks are great but Facbeook, Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter are just way too big to isolate those students that are actually on your campus and in your classes. Campus apps don’t allow users the freedom to connect the way they want to connect and most students are sketch about using any social media baked into the official campus app. That’s why Eleweke and Daniels created Sympl.

Sympl take the class rosters of every student in every class. Then, it lets students in each class have access to the names of every other student in the class. It also gives students a private way to contact each other without exposing personal information.

sympl-graphic2-top Collision Conference Preview: Sympl Is The Social Network College Students NeedWith Sympl you can just look at your smartphone, look at the Sympl app and ping another student for the work that you missed.

“Sympl. is an app that essentially allows students to take the classroom home with them, making the study process simple. Students have a responsibility to search through social media and do whatever it takes to find anyone that may be in their class, when help is needed while outside of the classroom. Sympl. provides students with access to a class roster for each of their classes, and this allows for easy communication. Students are also provided with a calendar that includes all due dates from their class syllabus listed on it. As the due dates approach, the student will receive notifications saying so. Last but not least students are able to set up study groups for each of their classes. As a study group is created, a notification will be sent out to the rest of the students in the class when a group is available. At the end of each group study session, students will rate each other based on contributions to the group.” The startup says on their website.

Sympl has done everything right as far as the startup process goes. The five founders all trace their roots back to Michigan State where not only did they pitch the Spartan Innovation Program, and ride the Michigan State Startup Bus to last year’s SXSW, but they’ve also incubated at the Hatch Incubator.

Now, they’re preparing for Collision in New Orleans, April 30-May 3rd. You can find out more about them online at

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