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Collision Conference Preview: Ticketlabel, Personalized Event Ticketing For Everyone

ticketlabel-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Ticketlabel, Personalized Event Ticketing For EveryoneTicketlabel Makes It Easy For Anyone To Create Their Own Event Ticketing Site.

When people start planning private events of any size the first place they often look is Eventbrite. But eventbrite was designed for the masses and let’s face it, the user experience is kind of dry and mundane. Millennials, progressive event planners and new bands are looking for a ticketing platform that can better reflect their own personalities and the flavor of the event. Enter Ticketlabel

Ticketlabel just opened up shots in the United States after gaining popularity overseas for their designs and ease of use.

With Ticketlabel, whether you’re planning a wedding party or a night of punk rock at the local VFW, your event will ooze you and your band with Ticketlabel. The best part, is the Collision Conference Featured Startup, makes their service 100% free to use for event organizers. Unlike Eventbrite, there are no set-up fees, no sales fees and no long-term contracts.

Ticketlabel believes that the ticketing experience needs to fit in with the look and feel of your event. There’s no reason for your blacklight headphone disco party ticketing site to look the same as a seminar on financial accounting for small businesses.

Ticketlabel also ensures that your tickets are available where your friends, patrons and party go-ers are. The platform offers seamless integration with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. They also make it easy for people who purchase tickets for your event to share that they did on their own social networks and help sell more tickets.

Your event doesn’t stop after ticketing, that’s where it’s just getting started. Ticketlabel also makes it easy to sell merchandise, drink tickets and other things your attendees are going to need, right from the Ticketlabel platform.

Finally, when it’s show time or go-time, Ticketlabel has a mobile scanning app that makes it easy for you or any of your friends to safely and securely checkin all of your guests.

Ticketlabel is truly the ticketing and event platform for this generation. You can see Ticketlabel for yourself at The Collision Conference in New Orleans, April 30-May 3 and find them online at 

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