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Collision Conference Preview: From School Schedules To Hair Dressers, Timify Is Your Booking Solution

timify-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: From School Schedules To Hair Dressers, Timify Is Your Booking SolutionTimify Is The Online Scheduling and Booking Platform Built For Just About Every Industry.

Whether you own a hair salon with five stylists or you’re the administrator of a public school with 2,000 kids, one of the biggest headaches can come from scheduling. There are a variety of web based tools and platforms designed to help people navigate the complex world of scheduling, but none quite as robust as German startup, Timify.

Timify is the online appointment scheduling and shift planning system that fits just about every business and industry. With Timify it’s easy to make business bookable and then follow those bookings through to action.

Using Timify, businesses have the ability to offer a booking and scheduling system to their clients that works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any business, from hair salon to automotive shop, air conditioning company to custom tailor can all gain from the benefits of Timify’s intelligent software. Timify lets your customers schedule appointments and book services from wherever they are on their mobile device, tablet or computer. Your customers can also easily book appointments for your services from your own website and social media pages.

Timify has an internal calendar platform that works in real time and ensures that your employees don’t get double booked. Employees can set up their own appointments, break times and schedules or you can do it for them. Then, it’s as simple as integrating Timify into a website, and your company is off to the races.

In Timify you can set up your staff to take appointments at set hours. You can easily let customers know what services each of your employees provides and it can even facilitate pre-payment in full or a deposit based model.  An online calendar tool gives you a birds eye view of all of your staff’s appointments and even the revenue those appointments are bringing in.

Timify is also easy for companies to manage either on a computer or a mobile device. If you need to change hours real quick, it’s just a few clicks away on the mobile app. The smart and intuitive interface can also quickly adjust and alert customers if one of your employees is sick or they need to reschedule quickly. In most cases Timify is like having your own personal appointment booker accessible 24/7/365.

Timify goes beyond appointment based businesses though. Using Timify in an enterprise environment means you can schedule appointments and meetings across staff members, with outside vendors or clients. The platform helps simplify workflow across teams and gives them the power to quickly respond to customer demand and grow.

Timify is also fully customizable for a school environment. Use their robust, customizable scheduling solution for public schools, universities and other educational centers. Quickly know if classes are filling up and where there’s an overlap in resources.

Timify is your complete platform for scheduling, time management and booking appointments.

See how Timify can help your startup or business at The Collision Conference, April 30-May 3rd in New Orleans, and find them online at

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