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Collision 2018: Here’s Your Ultimatum, Stop Whining And Do Something

We Spoke With Ultimatum Co-Founder Matthew McCabe About Actually Doing Something.

Today’s political landscape, current events and hot button issues have more people bitching and whining than ever before. People take to whatever social media is their poison of choice to complain and whine but refuse to actually do something about it. Matthew McCabe, Steve Regester and Matt Burdan have decided to do something about it. They got off their butts and off social media and created Ultimatum, a platform empowering people to have a positive impact on the world.

The newly-launched beta website called Ultimatum ( enables their users take action on political and social issues by using event-based donations to non-profits. For example, users could support the #MeToo movement by making a donation to the National Organization for Women every time Tony Robbins posts on Twitter.

Co-founder and CEO Matthew McCabe says the element of immediacy is a key component of what makes Ultimatum unique. “I’ve often thought to myself ‘I want to make a difference,’ but don’t know where to start. With Ultimatum, issues are already linked to reputable organizations, making it easy to take meaningful action. Users only need to take action once – after that, they can have continuous impact in real time.” Since community support is activated as events happen, organizations can focus more on helping people and less on fundraising activity.”

At the Collision Conference last week in New Orleans Ultimatum was a breakout startup in the beta section. That’s because it’s a first of it’s kind platform that allows people to actually take action.  While Ultimatum is driving change and action the platform itself is easy to use and even easier to get involved with.

McCabe explains it in the interview video above. Say you can’t stand hearing President Trump make senseless tweets. Within Ultimatum you can set a budget and make a donation to a charity of choice, every time the President makes one of those crazy tweets. But McCabe warns,  you want to set a budget or a limit because as we know, Trump does this a lot.

The team at Ultimatum stays on top of the issues and current events of the day. They explained that if you wanted to support the #MeToo movement you could easily set an ultimatum to make a donation every time say Tony Robbins tweets. If you wanted to make a donation to a gun control cause you could do it based on when David Hogg or Emma Gonzales tweet. It’s an IFTTT platform for today’s millennials and Gen-zers to do something. It’s truly slacktivism at it’s finest and that’s why we love it.

Check out our interview with Ultimatum above and then get involved yourself at

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