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Zapp Is Not A Scooter Company, It’s The Future Of Ride Share

Zapp Ride Share Is Poised For The Future Of Ride Sharing

Today ride-sharing is a pretty simple concept that’s still catching on world wide. You need a ride, you use an app, you summon a car, it picks you up. Ride sharing is to the point where Uber has become a proprietary eponym for ride sharing. How many of you use Lyft exclusively but always say you’re getting an “uber”, Hand Raised!

There is another form of transportation that has really taken off as well and that’s bike sharing. Whether they’re blue bikes, yellow bikes or green bikes, most major cities across the country and many college towns have some kind of bike sharing company around. Users just download an app, find the appropriate bike and it unlocks and charges the user all in one swift motion.

But there is something that lives in the space between and is starting to catch on big time on the east coast. That is, Zapp Ride Share.

zapprideshare-top Zapp Is Not A Scooter Company, It's The Future Of Ride Share

Zapp Ride Share Scooters set up outside of The Collision Conference in New Orleans (photo:

Zapp uses motorized scooters that can be picked up and dropped off at designated areas and all reserved with an app. This gives the user a little more speed and a lot less sweat. It’s convenient, fun and looks pretty darn cool. How cool you ask? So cool that T-Mobile CEO John Legere even owns his own Zapp Ride Share scooter, of course tricked out in the T-Mobile Magenta instead of the Zapp Ride Share green.

At the recent Collision Conference in New Orleans, Zapp Ride Share CEO Frank Scozzafava took some time to explain to us about the future of ride sharing and what it was like to present Legere with his very own Zapp scooter at a T-Mobile Magenta team member exclusive event in Florida. We’ve watched for the last five years as Legere has turned T-Mobile from the fourth largest carrier in the country to now a solid number 3, wiping out Sprint in the process. It’s that same furry that drives Scozzafava to turn Zapp into a household name representing convenience, speed and fun.

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