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Collision Conference Preview: Zapp Is The Greenest Way To Ride Share

zapp-rideshare-collision-top Collision Conference Preview: Zapp Is The Greenest Way To Ride ShareZapp Ride Share Is The Cleanest, Most Fun Way To Ride Share

Zapp Ride Share is the first ride share company that allows users to quickly and easily rent electric scooters from strategic locations across town, and by the minute. This new way of traveling isn’t just fun, it’s green, clean and easy to maneuver, even in traffic packed streets.

Zapp Ride Share CEO, Frank Scozzafava had this idea for a new way to do environmentally friendly ride sharing.  Sure there was Zipcar and Car2go. There are also plenty of companies that have made the bike sharing thing a reality. But there was something missing. That something was mopeds or scooters.

Taking that knowledge he embarked on a test run of a ride sharing scooter business in Columbia South Carolina called “Scootaway”. The concept was simple, Scozzafava’s company would place scooters throughout the area surrounding the University of South Carolina. After the test was completed he regrouped and prepared to launch the full version of the company with guns blazing.

“People think I haven’t been working on it, but there wasn’t a day that I’ve stopped working on it, since the day I conceived the idea two-and-a-half years ago,” Scozzafava told eTV. “We just had to take a temporary break from the test and work on it.”

With the test behind him and the knowledge gained he launched Zapp Ride Share. Same scooter borrowing concept, to get from point A to point B on college campuses. This time he incorporated a full app, instruction, insurance and more. Also, the scooters look amazing in their neon green.  He also took that time to refine the actual scooter product, sourcing machines with better, longer lasting batteries. Scozzafava wants to get folks from point A to point B with zero carbon footprint.

The entire Zapp Ride Share experience is managed on a mobile app. Unlike traditional scooter riding businesses the idea is to use the Zapp scooter and take it to the closest location to where you need to go. Sure you can use it strictly for fun and joy riding but the company wants students and professionals using Zapp Ride Share as part of their transportation strategy.

To facilitate that, riders can earn Zapp points by renting from certain locations where there is a dollar sign on the app and returning to locations with the same symbol. It’s Zapp’s form of surging, they put these icons above locations that need more scooters or where there’s an abundance, balancing out the fleet.

The company even caught the eye of T-Mobile CEO John Legere and outfitted him with his own customized Zapp scooter.

See Zapp for yourself at The Collision Conference, April 30-May 3rd in New Orleans and online at 

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