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Alma Is Rethinking Student Information Systems

alma-spring-cue-2018-top Alma Is Rethinking Student Information SystemsEmpower Your School With Alma, A Refreshing Take On Student Information Systems

Just 20 years ago, student information systems looked a lot like those file cabinets above. Deep inside the manilla folders teachers and administrators might have been able to find student contact information, grades, possibly discipline records and parent/guardian info. The words “might and may” are the operative words there. There was no really good student information system before the age of computers on every administrators desk.

As student information systems started going digital, many still missed the mark. Student information systems became data lockers not tools to make data driven decisions. Schools were paying thousands of dollars for “student information systems” that any college student with half a brain could put together in FileMaker Pro, for free.

A startup called Alma realized that the backbone to any solid school or district is tucked away in the student information system. In many cases information kept right under our noses was underutilized or not utilized at all.

Alma is a feature packed, but easy to use, student information system specifically designed to harness the power of the information and help schools and districts make smart, data driven decisions.

The folks at Alma know that a new Student Information System (SIS) can be an overwhelming experience. But once user get over the learning curve the modern day SIS is the biggest tool in a teachers arsenal aside from their classroom instruction. Alma’s new, modern day SIS replaces legacy student information systems and learning management systems with one solution.

When creating Alma the founders of the Portland based edtech startup wanted to make sure that their system was as intuitive to use for every staff member, as an iPhone app, while at the same time being sophisticated enough to manage all their needs and even run complex, custom reports. That’s why Google chose Alma to help debut Google Classroom, a tight relationship that continues to this day.

Alma is feature packed including:

  • Calendars
  • Standards Tracking
  • Google Classroom Integration
  • Biographical Student Data
  • Student and Parent Portal
  • Rosters
  • Schedule Tracking
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Emergency and System Wide Communications
  • Standards Based Gradebook
  • In App Customer Service
  • Report Card Builder
  • Class, School and District Wide Viewing
  • State Reporting

Alma is providing insights to schools that used to take days if not weeks to complete. In one dashboard view, teachers can see at risk students and students that are excelling.  Teachers and administrators can choose from hundreds of available reports and even create their own for custom tracking. Alma also makes it a cinch to share important data with parents, right from the app itself. This communication is vital to the success of the student.  When an intervention is necessary a teacher or administrator can bring a students entire support network up to date simultaneously.

Alma has found that with it’s ease of use and powerful data tools more teachers and administrators are using it, compared to other platforms. Find out why your school should be using it too,  online at