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Spring Cue 2018 Preview: Speed Sessioning With 10 Awesome Edtech Speakers

cueboom-cue18-top Spring Cue 2018 Preview: Speed Sessioning With 10 Awesome Edtech SpeakersCue 2018: Boom 3 Minute Mic Drops Gives You 10 Speed sessions With 10 Awesome EdTech Speakers

The past couple of years at ISTE they’ve featured Ignite sessions. Very quick, informative sessions on the latest topics pertaining to edtech. These quick style sessions give you a fill of some really cool technology, practices, tips and tricks.

If you’re headed to Spring Cue 2018 in Palm Springs California you’re not going to want to miss Cue Boom, 3 Minute Mic Drops. This speed session features 10 high quality, awesome edtech speakers in quick 3 minute doses. That means even teachers with the worst case of ADHD will easily be able to keep up. It’s also a great eye-opener activity as you head into longer sessions later in the day.

Cue Boom, 3 Minute Mic Drops, features well known authors, teachers, speakers and bloggers who will share their insights with the audience in easy to follow microdoses.

#CUEBOOM speakers include:

  • Tara Martin, the educator, writer and administrator behind #booksnaps
  • Dr. Todd Schmidt, Lead Innovator at Harbor View Elementary School
  • Cate Tolnai, Cue Director of Member Engagement
  • Misty Kluesner, Digital Innovation Coach at Campbell Union School District
  • Genevieve Pacada, Learning and Innovation Program Specialist and Google Educator
  • Michael Bloemsma, Program Administrator of Technology & Innovation, Department of Technology at San Francisco Unified School District
  • Amanda Haughs, blogger, educator, Digital Innovation Specialist and 2015 PBS Lead Digital Innovator
  • Kim Calderson, the crazy science teacher
  • Martin Cisneros, Geekdad, speaker and Tech Jedi
  • Ann Kozma, Cue Rockstar and ambassador for SeeSaw, FlipGrid, Book Creator and PicCollage

Each of these amazing speakers could literally sit down and talk edtech with you for hours on end but in this particular, Boom session, they only have three minutes. That’s going to make it fun and informative.

So grab your pens, pencils, pads and tablets and make your way to the Mojave Learning Center at 8am on Friday March 16th.

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