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CUE 2018 Preview: Every Child Can Learn To Build, Create and Program With Cubit

cubit-springcue2018-top CUE 2018 Preview: Every Child Can Learn To Build, Create and Program With CubitSpring CUE 2018 Preview: Cubit Is At The Forefront Of STEM Education With Hands On Electronics, Robotics and Coding Kits

There are a lot of K-12 focused edtech products on the market that profess to help kids learn to code and program. We know that programming is the second language that students in grades K-12 need to learn today, to prepare for careers when they graduate from high school or college.

A wide variety of coding products for kids come in the form of ready made robots. There are also app builder software programs, and online suites like Tynker. Cubit dives either further into STEM education by having students build their creations before programming them to code. Cubits electronics and robotics kits look more like the kits of yesteryear, think Radio Shack kits and Heath Kits. With Cubits, students learn the fundamentals of how things work and how things go together. Once put together they learn how to control whatever it is they’ve created through coding and programming.

When Jason Guow and his brother Marvin were kids, they were tinkerers. They were the kind of kids that would take a project idea from a book or magazine, and then go to their local Radio Shack to get the parts to solder together and make things happen. As the founders of Cubits they wanted to offer students of today a similar experience, sans the soldering part which might cause an accident.  Personally I was the same way, my GI Joe trucks had working headlights made from LED’s I purchased at Radio Shack. My Cobra base had a working PA system.

Last summer, at ISTE 2017, we saw a really amazing robot along with an earthquake simulator that not just shook the toothpick houses but allowed the creators to use sensors to measure the data. “Some students create two simulators and build a bridge across” Christopher Kind the Head of Education Partnerships at Cubit told us in an interview. That’s just one example of how Cubits goes above and beyond the typical project kits.

When it’s time for coding, Cubits teaches students text based coding as opposed to block language or Scratch.

Cubit packages their kits for education with ready to go lesson plans and project ideas. They offer differentiated projects for every grade and skill level with customizable and flexible projects that complement a number of instructional settings.

You don’t have to wait until next summer in Chicago to check out Cubit, you can see them at Spring CUE 2018 in Palm Springs California, March 14-17th in booth #651 and you can find them online at

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