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Spring CUE 2018 Preview: Hapara Brings Digital Learning Through Google Apps, Together

hapara-gsuite-cue18-top Spring CUE 2018 Preview: Hapara Brings Digital Learning Through Google Apps, TogetherCUE 2018 Preview: Hapara’s Teacher Dashboard Is Giving Teachers and Students Valuable Learning Time, Back.

Technology in the classroom, espcially the likes of Google Classroom/Google Apps For Education, is designed to make learning easier, collaborative and more fun. In so many ways, it does just that. Ask any teacher using G-Suite for education and they’ll be able to fire off a laundry list of ways it’s improved their lives and contributed to student success. After all, that’s what it was designed to do.

In K-12 schools it’s so hard to move from idea to implementation. A group of teachers, administrators and district level administrators may have decided they want to use G-Suite for Education a year ago and today they’re still discussing how to deploy. Once that decision is made and the trigger is pulled, it’s off to the races. Even in some of the most proficient and technologically advanced schools deployment becomes a frenzy of activity.  Which leaves teachers of all different technological abilities, rushing to implement their own systems to manage learning with tools like G-Suite.

Hapara has heard this from so many different educators that they’ve created a suite of tools designed to view, organize and monitor digital learning. Their three tools; Dashboard, Workspace and Highlights, are being praised by educators far and wide.


Teacher Dashboard allows teachers to be more efficient when managing and monitoring digital learning. Teachers have the same abilities with Hapara’s Teacher Dashboard that they would when managing work in an analog classroom. For instance, using Dashboard teachers can quickly view all learner work from one central hub regardless of whether it was shared with them or not. They can quickly organize learners into differentiated groups and quickly share out documents and resources.

In one school district, the director of technology found that while all of the teachers in the district loved using G-Suite each one of them had created their own system for managing learning using the Google tools. This actually made things incredibly inefficient. He switched his district to Hapara’s Dashboard and teachers immediately noticed that a more streamlined approach made it easier and quicker to manage learning. Dashboard literally gave teachers more time to teach.


Hapara’s Workspace is lesson planning and creation built for the digital age. Workspace gives teachers a space to build assignments and projects that can easily be differentiated for groups or individuals. This means that teachers don’t need to continually re-invent the wheel. They can create an assignment and tweak it to each individual learner or groups needs. Again, giving more time back to the teacher to actually teach.

For students Workspace offers an easy, intuitive interface to manage their assignments, customize their submissions and participate in learning. Workspace helps students stay organized and on-task, giving them more time to learn.


Highlights is a looking glass for teachers that allows them to see what every learner is working on. It functions somewhat like a filter ensuring that students stay on task but it does so much more than that. With Highlights teachers can quickly help individual students or groups of students. The teacher can also see where students are struggling with material and help them as needed. Also using Highlights teachers can quickly make sure all of the students in their class have all of the documents and resources needed to complete the lesson, activity or assignment that they are currently working on.

Hapara helps teachers level up their digital teaching and learning with G-Suite. Their resources have been developed by teachers for teachers so they know the ins and outs of the classroom and how to manage processes more effectively. All of the Hapara tools also help teachers create more time in their day for instruction and learning which is why teachers and students, are there in the first place.

Visit with Hapara at Spring CUE 2018 in Palm Springs California, March 14-17th, booth #549 and find out more online at 

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