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Spring CUE 2018 Preview: Kajeet Continues To Close The Homework Gap

birdbrain-SpringCue-banner-728 Spring CUE 2018 Preview: Kajeet Continues To Close The Homework GapCUE 2018 Preview: Kajeet’s Accessibility Services Level The Playing Field For Students.

kajeet-spring-cue-2018-top Spring CUE 2018 Preview: Kajeet Continues To Close The Homework Gap

The “Homework Gap” is a phrase coined by Kajeet a company based in Northern Virginia, that’s working rigorously to level the playing field when it comes to internet access for students. They use the term “Homework Gap” to describe those millions of students in 1:1 or other digital learning environments with access to the internet at school but not at home.

While many of us take the internet for granted, millions of students in rural areas, and even in major cities, have little to no internet access at home. Today, internet access is vital to actually getting school work and homework done. Many schools and school districts across the country have turned to completely digital environments for all things learning. In these cases students get their assignments, do their research, complete assignments and manage their workflow completely on an internet connected device. That means, when it’s time to do homework, it’s on that internet connected device.

Kajeet solves this problem in two ways, with the Kajeet Smartspot and the Kajeet Smartbus. Kajeet Smartspot’s are wifi hotspots that school’s can utilize in a number of ways. One of the most popular is allowing students to take the Smartspot home. Provisions within the hotspot make it easy for school’s to track where the devices are and to keep kids learning on the internet instead of surfing inappropriate content and dangerous websites.

Kajeet’s other offering, the Kajeet Smartbus, turns bus riding time into productive learning, studying and homework time for students that may not have access to internet or wifi in their homes.  Research says that the average student bus ride for elementary school students in rural areas (often areas without high speed internet) is 30 minutes but can be stretched to 60 minutes and even in some cases 90 minutes. With the Kajeet Smartbus those minutes can be spent learning.

A recent survey that Kajeet conducted revealed that technology in the classroom continues to rapidly increase. That means that as more and more school districts turn to technology, more and more students will find their way into the homework gap.

Find out more about how Kajeet is closing the homework gap and technology adoption in the classroom by visiting with Kajeet at Spring CUE 2018 in Palm Springs California, March 14-17th, booth #227 and online at 

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