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CUE 18 Preview: Kiddom Is Empowering The 21st Century K-12 Classroom

kiddom-cue18-top CUE 18 Preview: Kiddom Is Empowering The 21st Century K-12 ClassroomAdaptive, Collaborative and Personalized, Kiddom Is The Platform For Today’s K-12 Learners

Technology and learning have changed over the years. It’s hard to believe that just twenty years ago textbooks, loose leaf paper, pens and pencils were the learning tools students were using. Everything was taught in the front of the room on a chalkboard. Heck, when we were bad we had to clap erasers.

In the 90s and into the 21st century technology started peeking out in classrooms across America. Chalkboards and dry erase boards were replaced by SMART boards, textbooks were replaced with digital textbooks and paper and pen are starting to get replaced by tablets, iPads and Chromebooks.

As technology continues to drive education, teachers are changing their method of delivery. Handouts have been replaced with pdfs distributed via email, learning management system or Google classroom.

While all of this innovation has been going on in education, students themselves have changed as well. Google is now currently older than every student in K-12. Most of these students have had some exposure to mobile devices beginning around age 3. If we thought millennials were impatient, just wait until this generation of students gets to college.

It’s important that the tools that schools using to support and educate these students can keep up with them. Thankfully Kiddom does just that.

Kiddom is educational technology for collaborative learning. It answers basic questions for students like; What do I complete? Where do I complete it? When is it do? How did I do? How can I improve? The underlying system does all of this through adaptive learning, personalized learning and even collaborative learning.

With Kiddom teachers can design a lesson plan. They then teach the lesson where they can upload all of the material that goes along with it.

Teachers can also create standards aligned assessments and even choose standards based grading which shows students progress in relation to state, national or even custom standards.

For schools, administrators at the school and district level can view how students, classes and even entire schools are doing at any time through a variety of reporting mechanisms. With Kiddom’s Kiddom Academy schools and districts can measure the pulse of teaching and learning across an entire community.

Kiddom is currently in 70% of US school districts. You can find out more at the CUE 18 national conference March 14-17th in Palm Springs California and online at