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Spring CUE 2018 Preview: Literacy Starts With Listening And Listenwise

listenwise-springcue-top Spring CUE 2018 Preview: Literacy Starts With Listening And Listenwise

With Listenwise teachers can help assess and develop important listening skills through over 1000 great audio lessons

CUE 18 Preview: Students Learn More When They Listen Better

Do you remember when we would gather around in a circle in early elementary school, for story time? That was part so that the teacher could share a story with the entire class at the same time. It was part because story time was a good activity for students to relax and calm down. It was also part to help develop listening comprehension in early learners.

Research shows that if you’re not a good listener you’re not going to be a good learner. Research also shows that students can listen at 2-3 grade levels ahead of where they can read. This means by listening, students can be introduced to more complex language, vocabulary and topics. But that story time in the classroom and group listening activities disappear by grade 5.

That’s where Listenwise comes in.

Listenwise has developed a platform with over 1000 curated podcasts and news stories from National Public Radio (NPR). These well thought out, planned and investigated pieces cover a wide variety of topics. Some of the podcasts provide a narrative for real world current events while others deep dive into history.  Listenwise has curated the content and paired it with learning tools to hit four key areas; listen, comprehend, discuss and assess.

The Listenwise platform allows students to read along while they’re listening to the content. Students can also slow the content down to get a better understanding.  Teachers can have students listen to different podcasts or everyone can listen to the same one. After the content is finished playing teachers can create quizzes to help asses the students comprehension of the content, and to figure out which comprehension skills need the most focus.  These quizzes can help teachers uncover other problems students are having with listening that may affect them in other classes.

Listenwise goes beyond other platforms aimed at developing listening skills. Their content rich library is designed to improve students listening skills and at the same time let them learn the content they are listening to.  That’s why the company is always adding more content to their library in key areas like current events, Science, Social Studies and ELA. For instance, this month there is new and featured content about the Marvel Black Panther Movie, students and gun control and understanding slavery.  With over 1000 audio lessons there’s enough content for every single day of the school year.

Find out more about Listenwise at Spring CUE 2018 in Palm Springs California March 14-17th, booth #349 and online at 

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