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Collaboration At The Head Of The Class With TruTouch and Newline Interactive

newline-trutouch-cue-top Collaboration At The Head Of The Class With TruTouch and Newline InteractiveSpring CUE 2018 Preview: Newline Interactive’s TruTouch Puts Collaboration At The Head Of The Class

The chalkboard, the white board, the overhead projector, all of these devices assisted learning by steering the attention of the students in the class, to the front of the room. If it didn’t work those students were left clapping erasers. In a traditional classroom these kinds of devices all served their purpose. Today, technology in the classroom is much different.

TruTouch by Newline Interactive is a multi-touch interactive display designed to be the focal point for the classroom but it’s also the epicenter for a collaborative learning experience that starts the first day of school and ends the day school lets out for the summer. Technology at the front of the room is no longer about displaying a lesson, a video or just instruction. Today’s front of the room technology drives collaboration and inspires learning in ways that weren’t possible just five years ago.

Today, teachers can bring classes to life with pictures, videos, interactive games and even the old fashioned way, writing things on the board. It’s essential for today’s teachers to be armed with the best technology available and that includes TRUTOUCH interactive displays.

The TRUTOUCH FB series displays are designed for classroom use, especially in K-12 settings. With TRUTOUCH the computer is right on board so the teacher doesn’t have to waste valuable instruction time getting things set up. It’s just power up and go. TRUTOUCH’s onboard computer means that teachers can use whatever Windows based programs (and even Google Classroom products) that they’re used to. When you add in mozaBook and OKTOPUS teachers get the versatility of applications, 3D models, images and even interactive games.

Captivating the attention of students today can be difficult. They’re used to a life in front of screens. With TRUTOUCH they’re eyes and brains are focused on the biggest screens possible.

True to it’s name TRUTOUCH also features multipoint touch display which means several students can come to the front of the class and participate in group activities, right on the TRUTOUCH display. With Newline’s TRUCAST software, students can participate, easily, by using the device on their desk, even if it’s their own. Now a math teacher can ask a student to show their work to the class and with the touch of a button, its right on the board. Collaboration in the classroom has never been easier.

Newline also knows that there’s a lot of choice in front of the room display technology today. Their staff knows the rigors of teaching in a classroom full of kids and can show and tell teachers how to get the most of out the TRUTOCH interactive displays. You can meet with Newline and see the latest in the TRUTOUCH line at Spring CUE 2018 in Palm Springs California, March 14-17th, booth #532. You can also find them online at 

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