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Spring CUE 2018 Preview: It All Starts With Listening, It All Starts With HearBuilder

hearbuilder-spring-cue-top Spring CUE 2018 Preview: It All Starts With Listening, It All Starts With HearBuilderCUE 2018 Preview: Before You Can Read You Have To Be Able To Hear and Listen, That’s Why There’s HearBuilder

Good reading and comprehension skills start with a skill we often times take for granted, and that’s listening. HearBuilder, from Super Duper Publications is designed to strengthen listening, memory, comprehension and early reading skills in elementary skills.

HearBuilder is a four part series of fun and interactive tools that really dive in to teach the learner these very important skills. The four parts; Following Directions, Phonological Awareness, Auditory Memory, and Sequencing are available on CD-ROM or through an online subscription. With the online version, students can learn from HearBuilder at home, in the car, at school, or in the media center or just about any device.

The standards and common core aligned program makes learning fun. With HearBuilder, kids will learn:

  • Target skills for success in school
  • Rely on evidence- and research-based learning
  • Support state and Common Core State Standards
  • Have multi-level activities with specific objectives
  • Print comprehensive reports
  • Use at school and home on computers and tablets

In, Following Directions, students learn 40 basic concepts and follow five types of directions as they build their own toy factories. With Phonological Awareness, kids learn how to listen for sounds, syllables, words and sentences while they earn instruments to form a rock band. Auditory Memory takes kids on an adventure with secret recall agents Kim and Joey. They’re going to save MemoryTown from the diabolical Dr. Forgetsit.  Sequencing helps students learn language and literacy skills. Students will put 120 illustrated scenes in the correct order as they earn tokens for arcade games within the app.

In the classroom HearBuilder provides teachers much needed data on how far each student is progressing. This way they can monitor individualized instruction. HearBuilder is also very effective in Special Education. HearBuilder has been proven to benefit students diagnosed with Speech & Language Disorders, Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), Dyslexia and reading enrichment.  May teachers have also had success using HearBuilder as an RTI tool.

You can check out HearBuilder for yourself at Spring CUE 2018 in Palm Springs California, March 14-17th, booth #524 and online at 

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birdbrain-SpringCue-banner-728 Spring CUE 2018 Preview: It All Starts With Listening, It All Starts With HearBuilder