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Spring Cue 2018 Preview: Typing Is Fundamental And Fun Too, With Typing Club

typingclub-spring-cue-2018-top Spring Cue 2018 Preview: Typing Is Fundamental And Fun Too, With Typing ClubCUE 18: Typing Club Teaches The Fundamentals of Typing To Kids In 3rd Grade and Up

Back in the good ole days, typing class used to be an elective. Students interested in administrative and secretarial work were able to take a typing class to learn how to type for the work force. Today, typing, or rather keyboarding, is almost as fundamental as reading (remember those old commercials).

Today’s students may enter grade school knowing how to use mobile devices and tablets but the way they input data at such a young age, is often self taught, and incorrect. Kids can navigate through games, videos, and apps but when it comes time to write an essay or do an assignment online they resort to hunting and pecking.

Typing is an important skill, even when kids think they know how to do it. After all, students know how to talk when they enter elementary school, but they still need to learn proper grammar and proper English.

Laerning to type the right way will improve spelling, accuracy and speed. It will prepare students for the workforce. Learning the fundamentals of touch typing is also important for students that want to learn how to code and how to program.

TypingClub is the best way for students to learn touch typing. Over 23 million students, from 50,000 schools and districts with 300,000 teachers have learned to type using TypingClub.

Typing Club will be at Spring Cue 2018 in Palm Springs, March 14-17th, but earlier this month our 10 year old edtech reporter Tatum got to spend some time learning the ins and outs of Typing Club and finding out how they make keyboarding and learning to type, fun.

Students in grades 3 and up can go through a variety of fun typing games and activities that teach them the proper way to type, from the way to hold their hands to how to find the bumps on the keys.

TypingClub’s school edition provides teachers with the ability to have complete control over your students’ typing progress.

They provide over 600 comprehensive lesson plans that guide students from individual keys through numbers and punctuation with a goal of 75 wpm. Lessons include instructional videos, educational games, practice of challenging and commonly misplaced words and other interactive experiences.

Check out Tatum’s video interview above and for more information visit them at Spring Cue, booth #614 and online at 

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