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CUE 18 Preview: Vernier Continues To Pioneer Hands On, Connected Science

Spring Cue 2018: If It’s A Science Sensor, It’s Vernier

If you ask someone from Vernier they’ll tell you they’ve been the source for connected science since the Apple II. In laymen’s terms that’s 1981. Since then, they’ve been pioneers of award winning interfaces, sensors, and curriculum, providing science teachers with advanced tools to make science more fun and collaborative. You see before iPads, Chromebooks and smartphones there was still connected science equipment, and Vernier was making it.

Fast forward to 2018 and Vernier still offers state of the art sensors, interfaces, project kits, ideas, tools and curriculum. But today, the landscape is much different. Today, teachers and students can get even more information out of these lab tools.

One of the most exciting things about Vernier of today is that the kind of data that kids, students, and teachers can get from Vernier connected sensors would have cost thousands of dollars just a few short years ago. Today, PH meters and accelerometers that easily connect to a smartphone, tablet or Chromebook, allow students in grades K-12 to do experiments and find data that would have previously required at least a college grad laboratory.

Sensors and equipment are much more affordable today. They’re more affordable for schools and more affordable to create.

vernier-cue-2018-top CUE 18 Preview: Vernier Continues To Pioneer Hands On, Connected ScienceEarlier this month at TCEA Vernier announced 15 new sensors that are part of the company’s Go Direct line. Go Direct sensors bypass the need for any extra connectivity by connecting directly to smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks. The newest sensors include: an Acceleration Sensor, CO Gas Sensor, Current Probe, EKG Sensor, Energy Sensor, Glass-Body pH Sensor, Motion Detector, O Gas Sensor, Optical Dissolved Oxygen Probe, Respiration Belt, Rotary Motion Sensor, Sensor Cart, Surface Temperature Probe, Tris-Compatible Flat pH Sensor, and Wide-Range Temperature Probe, in addition to others.

During TCEA our 10 year old edtech reporter got a 50 minute science lesson from Vernier’s Jake Hopkins. During the lesson Tatum, a 5th grader, tested an accelerometer by running through the exhibit hall, learned about testing PH and acidity, built a wind turbine, collected the energy data from it and learned about force and resistance utilizing the new Vernier Go Direct Sensor Cart.

Check out Tatum’s video with Jake above to see the future of science, today. You can try the sensors out for yourself at Spring CUE 2018 March 14-17th in Palm Springs California, booth #258 and  you can find out more online at 

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