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Spring CUE 2018 Preview: Video Creation Designed With The Classroom In Mind, WeVideo

wevideo-cue2018-top Spring CUE 2018 Preview: Video Creation Designed With The Classroom In Mind, WeVideoCreating Video For The Classroom Should Be Easy and Fun, That’s Why There’s WeVideo

In today’s modern classroom creating video content is just as important as watching video content. The problem is, that most video production suites were designed for people who’ve graduated college and even beyond that they need a phd in computer based editing. That’s not the case for WeVideo, a startup out of Menlo Park that makes creating video intuitive and easy, while incorporating features you’d expect from a motion picture studio.

WeVideo is a complete, feature packed, video editing and story telling platform designed for today’s classrooms. But it’s more than just an editing suite. WeVideo has assembled fun and easy templates complete with themes, music and sound that allow teachers to quickly engage students in story telling.

Students and teachers collaborate while expressing themselves in multiple dimensions using an expansive palette of creative tools. Empower every student to find their voice and demonstrate their knowledge in any subject and at every grade level.” the company says on their website.

WeVideo also knows that time is of the essence in all video applications. Whether you’re running a news operation with multiple video editors or editing highlights from your high school’s football game, WeVideo JumpStart, introduced in 2017, allows editors, teachers and students to immediately start editing locally while files upload to the cloud in the background. This means that the cloudbased version of the file reflects the latest edits.

“WeVideo JumpStart is video storytelling without compromises. Video editing products have always forced users to wait while media is imported or uploaded before they can begin creating. No more! WeVideo JumpStart eliminates the wait and is always available when inspiration strikes, with no limits. Combined with virtually unlimited Cloud-based compute power and anytime, anywhere availability on any device, WeVideo with JumpStart forever flips the script in the digital storytelling landscape.” WeVideo CEO Krishna Menon said last year.

With WeVideo Jumpstart in Education teachers and student enjoy immediate benefits like:

  1. No need to pre-load media so teachers maximize learning time and reduce prep time.
  2. Students are engaged immediately and can be productive during their entire class time.
  3. No waiting means greater spontaneity when inspiration strikes in the class.
  4. Using local files reduces or eliminates the impact of uneven bandwidth on productivity.
  5. Fully automated uploading in the background simplifies learning curve for new users.

It’s clear why teachers and students love using WeVideo. You can check out WeVideo for yourself at Spring CUE 2018 in Palm Springs California, March 14-17th, booth #457 and online at 

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