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DevLearn Preview: Flip Your Training On It’s Head With Flip Training

Flip Training Flips Workforce Training With Tiny Bite Sized Morsels

fliptraining-top DevLearn Preview: Flip Your Training On It's Head With Flip Training

The flipped classroom model has been around in K-12 schools over the last five years. In a flipped classroom, the instructor delivers instruction via videos where students can learn at their own pace. Some flipped classrooms use long form videos, others use shorter videos which makes content easier to understand and take in.

FLIP, from Mercury, a respected name in the e-learning industry, has expanded upon that idea for workforce training and development, but in this case, through tiny videos. With Flip, companies offer their workforce bite sized training that gets opened, understood and applied. These smaller, e-training learning modules fit into the natural flow of the work day.  Now, employees can learn everything from safety procedures, or how to put together widgets, to leadership skills, all through an easy to understand, platform.

FLIP has  re-imagined the flash card, but in the digital age which means the flash card can be interactive and created for just about anything.  Since Flip is available on mobile devices workers can learn from them anytime and anywhere they want to. It’s one of the most flexible forms of e-learning for training available today.

The front of each FLIP card summarizes the content that’s included in greater detail on the reverse side. FLIP cards can be text only, multimedia or even have videos that can go full screen. E-learning administrators love the flexibility of the platform. FLIP keeps a transcript of the video which makes it easy to find using FLIP’s built in search engine.

FLIP features include:

  • No programming required
  • Content authoring and deployment in minutes
  • Smart content distribution
  • Robust analytics
  • Streamlined integration into existing management systems
  • Built in LRS

Regardless of the industry, creating FLIP training will improve overall engagement with your training initiatives and employees will love how easy it is to use. With FLIP, employees can study the latest training content on the bus, the train or while eating oatmeal at the local coffee shop.

You can see FLIP in action at DevLearn in Las Vegas, October 25th-27th and online at