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DevLearn Preview: HT2 Labs Makes Learning More Personal, Social and Measurable

HT2 Labs’ Red Panda, Curatr and Learning Locker Make Learning More Personal, Social and Measurable

HT2labs-DevLearn-top DevLearn Preview: HT2 Labs Makes Learning More Personal, Social and Measurable

Educators, teachers, instructors and coaches have one goal in mind and that’s to help their learners learn. The two biggest trends across all learning today are gamification and social learning. That’s partly because, even in the workforce, learning is being adapted to a new generation of people, the millennials. These are people that grew up social by virtue of technology, and at the start of the gaming generation.

Earlier today we talked about Launchfire and their gamification of workforce training. HT2 Labs is a pioneer on the other side of the equation, social learning.

HT2 is a research and development company who’s products are built to make learning more effective. Their tools; Red Panda, Curatr and Learning Locker help make learning more personal, more social and more measurable. Their software products seamlessly integrate with other existing learning software and business tools.

Companies want all of their employees to be knowledgable and competent in whatever they do, and as quickly as possible. That starts with employee onboarding, and continues through professional education and workplace training. With HT2 Labs companies will reduce the time to competency, allowing new hires to ramp up as quick as possible. Then, after new employees are brought up to speed, everyone can learn at the same time in a more collaborative environment thanks to social learning.

It all starts with Red Panda. Red Panda is each employee or learner’s personal learning hub. Learners can create their own goals, choose from recommended goals or be assigned goals that help them reach their full potential. Within the work place, Red Panda connects and integrates with MOOC’s from FutureLearn and auto-curated content from the web using your company’s own LMS or other internal platforms.

HT2Labs-Curatr-DevLearn DevLearn Preview: HT2 Labs Makes Learning More Personal, Social and MeasurableCuratr is where things get really social. Curatr is a platform where employees and learners can collaborate, ask questions and start conversations with one another around your learning content. Users can write text responses back to each other or even use videos to talk through learning questions and objectives. Curatr then serves as a knowledge base for current and even future employees.

LearningLocker is where all the results from your learning initiatives are aggregated and stored giving Chief Learning Officers, HR and training administrators access to precise analytics that show where each learner is and where they, or your program could use improvement. All of this data is designed to help companies make informed decisions on future learning.

You can talk with HT2 Labs about your training goals and how integrating social learning drives better results, at DevLearn in Las Vegas, October 25-27th and online at