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DevLearn Preview: Gamify Your Training and eLearning With IndusGeeks

IndusGeeks Gamifies Training and e-Learning For The Corporate World

indusgeeks-devlearn-top DevLearn Preview: Gamify Your Training and eLearning With IndusGeeks

Study after study has proven that gamification or gamified learning improves engagement ten-fold in the K-20 classroom. Why wouldn’t it work with e-learning and corporate training? It would, and it does, thanks to companies like IndusGeeks.

As we’ve mentioned before, millennials are aging into the workforce in record numbers. We haven’t seen this much of a generation join the workforce at the same time as we did when baby boomers started graduating from college to work at the blue chips. But today’s new workers are a lot different.

What we’re starting to see in droves in corporate America is workers who grew up in the age of the screen. They’ve been playing video games practically since birth and we’re not talking about the 8 bit variety. This new work force that’s been thrust upon us is used to being engaged through video, games, and technology like no other previous generation. With that also comes much shorter attention spans.

IndusGreeks provides game based learning and gamified training that captivates and engages the learner from the start. They do this through their proprietary platform called INIT (Interactive Narrative Immersive Training). e-learning that incorporates their technology increases learning, improves retention, increases productivity and aids in mastering skills.

IndusGeeks is able to create customized gamified content that can easily be used for leadership development, sales training, employee onboarding, safety and compliance and policy awareness. This can look like video games, animated lessons and even simulations. Imagine implementing a new piece of equipment and being able to simulate using that equipment in a classroom or conference room setting. This can save a company lots of money by insuring employees are actually ready to use costly industrial equipment correctly before they accidentally break something that could cost thousands of dollars to fix. It also means that all of your employees can easily train on a simulation rather than having to find the down time to schedule a hands on course.

The INIT Platform features:

  • Gamification and Social Layer
  • Guidance and Virtual Mentors
  • Assessment tools
  • Detailed Analytics
  • LMS Integration
  • Mobile and Multi-screen ready

If you’re ready to step up your e-learning game (see what we did there), you can check out IndusGeeks at DevLearn in Las Vegas, October 25-27th and online at