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DevLearn Preview: Practice Makes Perfect, Rehearsal VRP Makes It Easier

Practice, Coach, Collaborate, Anytime On Any Device With Rehearsal

reheaesal-DevLearn-top DevLearn Preview: Practice Makes Perfect, Rehearsal VRP Makes It Easier

Yesterday, as part of our pre-event coverage of DevLearn in Las Vegas, we brought you the story of FLIP training, a tool that allows e-learning administrators to create tiny flashcard like training modules that employees can work on whenever and wherever they want to. Today, we’re reporting on rehearsal an innovative way to have 1:1 coaching with each member of your team, remotely.

Hundreds of books on sales and management will suggest that when it’s time to change a sales tactic or time for a big presentation that practice makes perfect. Some of those books will even suggest that you practice your new sales tactics in the mirror or record yourself practicing that big pitch.

Rehearsal VRP takes that whole idea one step further and turns it into a feature packed, robust training tool. With Rehearsal VRP a manager can create a wide variety of training scenarios and then send them out to his or her sales staff. After a little bit of coaching the sales team members can develop their own style for the scenario, like overcoming a gatekeeper. The employees can practice over and over again and when they’re ready they can submit it to their mentor who can provide them with immediate feedback.

Rehearsal also allows for videos to be shared on a leaderboard and stored so that team members have a library of best practices.  Rehearsal has also incorporated a useful screen capture tool that’s great for practicing product demos and pitches which can be added to a users recording for feedback as well.

Rehearsal also provides analytics back to the instructor that lets them know where each team member is with the training exercise. They can quickly develop an entire list of skills they want their team to work on. As each team member practices and submits their video rehearsal, the supervisor is notified. He or she can also keep track of results from what they watched. Does Sally need to button up her close. Did David rush through the presentation. All of this is stored within Rehearsal so the trainer can look back at it whenever they want.

You can find out more about Rehearsal at DevLearn in Las Vegas October 25th-27th and online at 


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