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DevLearn Preview: ej4 Video e-Learning Experts

People Grow Businesses, ej4 Grows People Through Video e-Learning

ej4-Devlearn-top DevLearn Preview: ej4 Video e-Learning Experts

Video is the most effective means of training and e-learning available today. “Short form videos keep learners engaged, are demonstration friendly and great for triggering conversations and increasing employee productivity” ej4 says in this blog post, and research backs that.

ej4 is an e-learning company that provides short form, off the shelf video content that is fully customizable. They know that video is the most effective way to get through to employees, learners and trainees. But they also know that if videos are too long, they quickly lose their effectiveness.

Companies can visit and create custom video packages that are tailored to their training goals. Whether it’s new employee onboarding, refining social skills, building leadership skills or any of their other 35 categories, ej4 offers a smorgasbord of content that can be paired up with other e-learning and training videos or used a la carte.

To date the company has over 1500+ videos in 35 categories and they add 10 new videos every week, keeping the content fresh and appealing to any e-learning environment and situation. The average length of their videos is 7:12 which keep them to the point, providing the user with only the necessary knowledge.

Chief Learning officers and corporate trainers can use custom tailored packages or they can use ej4 videos on demand. Say a company just had a sexual harassment incident or a safety concern, they can easily go to ej4 and find relevant videos to start training their employees immediately.

The ej4 content library is the perfect mix of soft skills like communication skills, leadership skills and selling skills and hard skills like safety training and compliance videos.

By implementing e-learning from ej4 companies can save training dollars by getting right into the content without a lot of overhead and administrative costs.

Do you think ej4 may be right for your company? You can visit with them at DevLearn in Las Vegas, October 25th-27th and online  at