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DevLearn 17 Preview: These Brothers Are Bad Ass

Make Your e-Learning Pop With elearning brothers

elearningbrothers-DevLearn-top DevLearn 17 Preview: These Brothers Are Bad Ass

To call elearning brothers the template forest of elearning would be a gross misrepresentation. With over 2 million templates and assets available to customers, that’s just a fraction of their business.

elearning brothers is the go to source for elearning creators big and small. If you’re looking to create a lesson on the fly, or as quick as possible, there’s a very good chance that elearning brothers has a template that will get the job done. If you’re looking to create an entire curriculum or series of lessons you can turn to their design team that can walk you through or help you design the project of your dreams.

When you poke around elearning brothers for a minute the first thing you’ll notice is that their templates, animations, and characters aren’t the same lifeless crap that many of their competitors are offering. Their templates pop, they look 2017 not 1999. That’s because the team at elearning brothers knows that you need to be able to grab, captivate and engage your learner as quick as possible.

As more and more millennials make their way to the workforce design standards have gone up, way up. The learner sitting in your training room or the new employee you’re onboarding grew up with Xbox, Madden and maybe even World of Warcraft. Stick figures and Word Art just aren’t going to do the trick anymore.

elearningbrothers-2 DevLearn 17 Preview: These Brothers Are Bad AssAt the exact same time (so simultaneously) your workforce will still have older folks who need to understand the material. elearning brothers solutions cater to both.

elearning brothers libraries feature all the assets you could ever dream up and if they don’t have it already, chances are they can make it for you. Their asset library includes:

  • full templates
  • cutout people
  • stock assets
  • ppt graphics
  • common craft
  • medical images
  • animations
  • interaction building
  • live online training

Over 90% of the Fortune 100 companies use assets from elearning brothers in their elearning, training and other materials. Amazon, Apple, Coca Cola, Walmart and McDonalds all use elearning brothers templates. Packed with a client roster like that you may be expecting to break the bank, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that they truly cater to companies big and small. So if you’re a one location business, state wide, regional or some big conglomerate you know you can get up to date creative assets for your elearning initiatives from elearning brothers.

Check them out at DevLearn in Las Vegas October 25th-27th and online at 

  • Andrew Scivally

    Love it! Looking forward to being at DevLearn.