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DevLearn Preview: Let Moonami Handle Your Totara and Moodle Implementation

moonami-DEVLEARN-top DevLearn Preview: Let Moonami Handle Your Totara and Moodle ImplementationCustomers Rely On Moonami For End To End Moodle and Totara Support

Totara is one of the most popular learning management systems for corporate and e-learning. Businesses love the Totara solution because it’s open source. That means that there is an entire community of developers that are modifying, tweaking, adding enhancements and plugins to the platform. It also means that it can get quite confusing.

Moonami is a growing US based certified partner for both Moodle (the K-20 offering) and Totara. The Indiana based company offers “end to end enterprise LMS solutions with a truly open business model” the company told in an interview.

Moonami is a boutique firm, which gives them the opportunity to support customers from the inquiry and selection process all the way to upgrades and everything in between. With Moonami every customer becomes a partner of sorts and can count on Moonami for round the clock support.

The staff behind Moonami have over 40 years of combined experience in the higher ed and e-learning industry. They support their customers through migration, mobile device readiness, theming, analytics, training, scaling, hosting and support.

Even though Moodle and Totara are both open source products, many Moodle and Totara certified partners will create their own proprietary features that create a dependability on the partner. Moonami looks at both systems as open source and believes that their support should be in sync with that model.

“All Moodle Partners and all commercially available LMS vendors will “lock” their clients into a contract or build proprietary features to create dependency on part of the customer. Moonami is simply the only LMS offering that provides a no questions asked 30-day opt-out clause with no exit fees and no hassles. Should one of our clients ever decide that our hosting/support service is not right for them, or if their technology needs change, we will provide an immediate/on-demand access to a complete backup of their site, including your Moodle code, database and the moodle data directory. We feel very strongly that this represents true open source.” The company told

You can chat with the Moonami team at DevLearn in Las Vegas October 25-27th and find them online at 

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