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DevLearn Preview: Put The Magic Of Movies In Your e-learning 

nawmal Puts The Magic Of Movies In Your e-learning.

nawmal-devlearn-top DevLearn Preview: Put The Magic Of Movies In Your e-learning 

With the challenges Chief Learning Officers and corporate trainers face with learning in today’s world, any tool that’s going to increase partipation and help learners pay attention is welcomed. It’s no secret that video is a very effective way to reach anyone and of course a learner. Consult any statistic, any report and any guru and you’ll come to the same conclusion, video is one of the most effective ways to reach people.

nawmal, has created tools that help people make movies with bespoke characters, animations and natural audio-video syncing. The best part is that just about anyone can master nawmal Make the companies video production software with just a little training.

Do you remember this video? It was insanely popular and while it may seem silly it helped sell a ton of Android phones in a time where Apple was clearly the populous favorite.

Data has proven time and time again that people enjoy and absorb content via short movies with pyro technics, stunts and top tier actors like this video with The Rock and Siri just as much as they enjoy an animated video that gets the point across. Well guess what, that animated video, one you could easily create with nawmal Make, costs a fraction of a fraction of the cost of that  video with The Rock.

nawmal’s software suite costs about as much as you would pay a big time animation studio to create a 90 second explainer video. With that cost you can use nawmal again and again. Whether you want to create quirky employee videos or 100 lessons worth of e-learning the one price you’ll pay you can create over and over again.

The things you can create with Nawmal are limitless, here are just some of the things you can do with Nawmal in the enterprise:

  • Employee on boarding videos
  • HR compliance
  • Ethics training
  • Management skills
  • Sales training
  • Client services
  • Waiting room commercials
  • Greeting videos
  • Employee development
  • Corporate communications
  • Investor relations
  • Annual reports

Nawmal is feature packed for creators including:

  • Text to speech voices
  • In app voice recording
  • Automatic lip sync to voice recording
  • Walking characters
  • Manual camera cuts
  • Custom camera positioning and moves
  • Facial expressions
  • Sound efx libraries
  • Video and image inlays

And many many more. Typically a feature packed video production tool like this could cost tens of thousands of dollars, Nawmal offers very affordable annual pricing.

Turn your ideas into fun reality for your e-learning or corporate environment. Find out how at DevLearn in Las Vegas October 27th-25th and online at