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DevLearn Preview: Companies, Universities and Trainers Love PitchVantage

Pitchvantage Is The Ultimate Pitch Practice Tool For Universities, Schools, Training, Startups and More

pitchvantage-DevLearn-Top DevLearn Preview: Companies, Universities and Trainers Love PitchVantage


A lot of different skills are taught in training workshops. One of the most important skills is communication. In fact, according to the American Management Association, 76% of CEOs identify communication skills as a top priority. They need to know that their employees can clearly articulate a point, and communicate with one another and their customers, regardless of industry. Communication skills are even more important in sales environments especially when employees are pitching ideas, services or products to a customer.

Companies have spent nearly $3 billion dollars on presentation training, just to have up to 90% of that training slip away after employees and trainees go back to their normal workflow. Also, presentation training is very hard to track, it’s not as simple as whether or not an employee memorized the latest OSHA standards.

Pitchvantage is the first of it’s kind system to help employees and even students, practice their pitch.

Pitchvantage provides a virtual audience for trainees, employees and students to practice their pitch to a live audience that reacts to the speaker in real time.  While the presenter is practicing their pitch, the software analyzes nine crucial points in presentations like pace, pauses, pitch variability and engagement.  After Pitchvantage analyzes the speakers pitch it instantly gives them feedback and even offers tutorials on things that they can improve.

Administrators are able to track the trainees progress using intuitive dashboards that let the trainer know where the trainee needs improvement as well.

Pitchvantage is also useful for colleges and universities teaching public speaking and even business classes. According to the Association of American Colleges and Universities 72% of employers consider new graduates unprepared due to lack of communication skills.

Another place where Pitchvantage would be very useful is in startup accelerators and incubators. Often times pitch practice for startups is more focused on the content of the slides rather than helping the presenter pitch correctly. We’ve been to many accelerator and incubator demo days just to find awesome ideas pitched by someone who sounded like the Micro Machine man.

Overall, Pitchvantage is an amazing tool that’s using innovative 3D virtual technology to help with training, providing the ability to have an audience for pitch practice anytime, day or night, on demand.

Check out PitchVantage for yourself at DevLearn in Las Vegas October 25th-27th and online at 

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