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DevLearn Preview: Make Meetings and Group Training More Engaging With Poll Everywhere

Let Instant Feedback Without A Clicker Drive Your Meetings and Group Training

polleverywhere-devlearn-top DevLearn Preview: Make Meetings and Group Training More Engaging With Poll Everywhere

It’s been proven time and time again that training and education drives a successful workforce. Many companies use a mix of e-learning and group training to teach, train and re-train their employees.

Group training can be a huge challenge. Even with the most engaging content and trainers, keeping the attention spans of your workforce is a challenge in itself. Trainers face learners nodding off, checking their devices, playing on Facebook or otherwise not paying attention. Poll Everywhere can turn those smart phones and devices into engaging participation devices.

Poll Everywhere is one of the most popular solutions to clicker free feedback in higher education. Students can answer multiple choice questions, true or false questions, text questions, ask questions and more using the Poll Everywhere app and platform, improving engagement and increasing participation which ultimately leads to more people paying attention and absorbing the content.

The feature packed Poll Everywhere software takes asking questions to new heights and takes group presentations to the next level. For instance in a group training setting or even a big corporate meeting, the lecturer or trainer can ask a question, get instant feedback from the learners or audience members and that feedback instantly updates in a graph. That graph can be displayed on stage for the entire audience to see giving real time feedback ala voting American Idol style.

The lecturer or trainer knows how much impact they are having on the spot and can revise as they go if people aren’t understanding the material.

Poll Everywhere offers wide flexibility and customization at every level

  • Creating questions for live interactions
  • Inviting audience participation and response
  • Viewing results

Although Poll Everywhere is immensely popular in education K-20 there are several places in corporate and enterprise where the platform naturally fits including:

  • Corporate training
  • Group sales training
  • Remote training and learning
  • Staff meetings
  • All hands Meetings
  • Board meetings
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Large customer presentations
  • Corporate conferences

With roots in education, Poll Everywhere is an easy to use expandable tool for so many uses.

You can see how Poll Everywhere fits into your corporate or enterprise training and of course your higher education initiatives at DevLearn in Las Vegas October 25th-27th and online at