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DevLearn Preview: Don’t Just Teach, TeachUp

TeachUp Tranforms Your Content Into Social e-learning

teachup-devlearn-top DevLearn Preview: Don't Just Teach, TeachUp

There are a variety of companies that are creating new ways to create and consume e-learning. By making e-learning more visual, digital, and interactive, naturally learners in K-20 and beyond will benefit. But there’s still another way to capture and captivate learners.

TeachUp is a group of innovators and forward thinkers in the learning and educational space that have developed a platform that can turn your static learning content into engaging, active and  social e-learning.  They do it through their platform at which is an authoring tool that helps publishers and content creators make their traditional content come alive.

Using TeachUp, publishers, instructors and content creators can build interactive e-learning content from scratch or they can upgrade previously created work. Or mix it up. The TeachUp platform allows creators to drag, drop and upload a variety of content from videos, pictures, documents, pdfs, power point presentations, animations and more, and TeachUp will give that content a digital makeover.

With TeachUp learners have access to your content on any device, they can engage with it at anytime and it’s more immersive and indepth. As learners work their way through the content, real time analytics are supplied to the instructor. Giving unparalleled insight, even outside of a standard learning management system (LMS).  No need to have a degree in big data analytics when it comes to TeachUp all the relevant data is right at the instructors fingertips. Instructors will easily be able to see where learners are in the material, where their pain points are and what they’ve mastered. Instructors can quickly assess the learner and move onto a plan that will help the learner if they’re stuck.

With TeachUp, content becomes more collaborative as well. Learners can benefit from each other’s insights and expertise, promoting creativity and idea sharing like never before.  This means that learners aren’t just learning from the instructor, or the content, they are also learning from one another.

You can check out the TeachUp at DevLearn in Las Vegas October 25th-27th and online at 


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