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DevLearn Preview: Make Your eLearning Sound Great With GM Voices

GM Voices Gives Your eLearning An Articulate, Professional Sounding Voice.

gmvoices-DevLearn-top DevLearn Preview: Make Your eLearning Sound Great With GM Voices

More and more companies are starting to create e-learning in house. We all know what a valuable tool e-learning and training is for today’s corporate world. The more time we invest in our employees and the more knowledge we give them, the longer they are going to stay with us. But what we’re faced with now is the challenge to captivate and hold their attention.

Whether it’s new employee on-boarding, training on a new process or device, or re-assuring fundamentals, todays work force demands the best possible e-learning solutions available.

Just the other day we featured elearning brothers in our DevLearn preview. Their company provides millions of templates and other assets that can be utilized by companies with an in-house instructional design guru or firms building e-learning for mom and pop shops and big box stores.

Graphics, animations, interactives and of course content, are the pillars to a good e-learning program. One thing that often goes unnoticed is the audio and the voice of the training. But if you pick the wrong voice you could end up with e-learning that tunes people out.

GM Voices offers custom voice over services at an affordable rate. What you get is voice over talent that knows what they’re doing and is going to give your project the same attention a Fortune 50 project would get. Mispronunciations and bad pacing could lead to complete tune out.

GM Voices has over 100 voice talents to choose from for any project in the enterprise space from telephone systems, voicemail and IVR to full e-learning modules, projects and lessons. They also offer voice over services for any industry and in any language. Their stable of voice over talent reads for some of the biggest companies in the world. You can hear their voices already on top commercials, even in amusement parks and of course on hold. They also have voice talent that regularly reads audio books and beyond.

e-learning creators turn to GM Voices because they have talent that’s familiar with the e-learning industry and is accustomed to lending their voice to instructional projects. The best thing about GM Voices, is that while providing amazing voice over artists they also do it at a price that isn’t going to break the bank.

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