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EdNet Preview: Use Technology To Make Learning Come Alive With Classworks And Classbloom

Classworks and Classbloom Help Turn Data Into Actionable Learning

Classworks-top EdNet Preview: Use Technology To Make Learning Come Alive With Classworks And Classbloom

Data, data, data, we can never get too much of it. It seems we write an awful lot about products, instructors and administrators who are pulling all kinds of amazing data from assessments, culture and behavior technology in the classroom.

On the professional development side, there are startups like Kickup that are helping to turn professional data into actionable improvements and results. There are also companies like Otus that help administrators and teachers take action based on data, in the classroom, the school or the district.

Curriculum Advantage and their Classworks digital instruction platform takes data from assessments and their assessment partners and turns it into individualized actionable learning. Classworks takes this data and makes learning adaptable to students whether they’re working above, on or below grade level. Teachers can breathe easier knowing that every student is learning at the pace that’s best for them, based on their own individual results.

Even at a medium sized school, teachers in the middle and high school level could be teaching 100+ students a day. That’s a lot of students to keep up with and nearly impossible to accurately gauge what student is where and how they need to be taught. After the teacher goes over the skills, assignment, topic or concept at the front of the room, when it’s individual work time, Classworks can take over.

Classworks standards aligned instruction happens in just four easy steps:

  • Students receive 2-3 minute segments that introduce and explain the concepts
  • Students engage in purposeful practice activities in a variety of instructional approaches
  • Students can master skills through interactive games that apply what they are learning
  • A formative check can quickly confirm skill mastery

Classworks is available for grades K-8 in math, reading and language arts instruction.


ClassBloom is a platform created by curriculum advantage specifically for math and reading. It offers awesome, engaging content for grades K-8 that gets students excited about learning. ClassBloom is also designed to work on any device whether it’s a Chromebook, tablet, smartphone or other device. It’s a way for teachers to instantly deliver standards aligned content and assignments, by the standard itself.

While students are learning on ClassBloom, teachers get a real-time feedback loop. Did your students fly through the lesson, did they get stuck a lot, are they stuck now? All of that feedback is brought right to the teacher dashboard and he/she can jump right into helping the student where they actually need the help.

ClassBloom can also keep track of how your students are mastering the standards so when it’s test time you know exactly where your students are.

You can find out more about Classworks and ClassBloom at curriculumadvantage.com and at EdNet in Scottsdale Arizona September 17-19th. Find out more about EdNet here.