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EdNet 17: Content Marketing Matters In Education

Content Marketing Makes A Difference In The World Of Education

ednet-contentmarketing-top EdNet 17: Content Marketing Matters In Education

Education and edtech are like no other industries in the world. Earlier this month we brought you “4 tips on bringing your edtech company to market”, some lighthearted advice on how to get noticed in the edtech space. At the upcoming EdNet conference in Scottsdale Arizona, marketing is going to be a key area of interest.

There are a variety of differentiators in the education and edtech space. For instance, the buyer isn’t typically the person writing the check. That’s not necessarily exclusive to education but it does exist in the space. The end user in education and edtech is typically not the buyer or the check writer and sometimes they’re not even seven years old yet.

A big differentiators is that it’s the education space and by proxy you’re marketing to a very educated buyer, most often with a post graduate degree. You’re also marketing to a buyer that doesn’t respond to multiple emails or the flashiest booth at a conference. Companies serving the education and edtech space will have better luck in two specific areas, relationship marketing and content marketing.

The education customer is going to respond better to someone that they have a relationship with, that understands them, the business they’re in, the end user and cares equally about all three. The education customer is going to respond well to someone who they know will be there a week, a month, five years after the purchase, and someone that is proactive as updates, upgrades, or fixes become available. Educators care more about educating and students than anything else and don’t want to be bothered with things like purchasing or technology.

Content marketing is the other key area to focus on in the education space. In addition to building those relationships, educators are going to respond to good, well thought out content that appeals to them. But how can you make an educator care about your content?

On Tuesday September 19th at the EdNet conference Kristina James the Director of Marketing at MDR will be moderating a panel called “Content Marketing- What Makes Educators Care About Your Content (Marketing)”. The panel will explore tips on creating strong content, determining what channels to use, setting goals and measuring results.

Joining James on the stage will be James Baigert, Marketing manager at Quill.com one of the largest online vendors of school supplies in the world; Stephanie Nash, Senior Education Marketing Strategist at MDR, and Lisa Wolfe the President of L Wolfe Communications.

Wolfe’s company has served the education world for years and represents some of the most well known brands in education like West (School Messenger), Cricket Media and ZSpace. Lisa Wolfe and her team spent years as the PR company for ISTE as well.

In this panel you’ll hear best practices from Wolfe, Baigert and MDR on what actually works in the education space.

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