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EdNet Preview: Publishers, Content Creators Bring Lessons To Life With HTML5alive

PRP-ISTE EdNet Preview: Publishers, Content Creators Bring Lessons To Life With HTML5aliveNow There’s A Tool With  The Power To Create Amazing, Rich Media Lessons With HTML5alive

html5alive-top EdNet Preview: Publishers, Content Creators Bring Lessons To Life With HTML5alive

Typically when we talk about edtech we talk about tools to create videos, apps, learning games, and STEM/STEAM products. When you sit back and think about it for a minute there aren’t many platforms out there that are using technology to enrich actual instruction. In today’s digital rich learning environment you want to have vibrant color, fun and engaging content and  impeccable design. Then, to bring that lesson or course to life, you want animation.

Animation can come in the form of characters, animals people, even time lines, volcanoes, planets, you name it, if it moves it can be animated. For a while most publishing companies used their own proprietary tools built around Adobe Flash but we all know that’s gone to the wayside. Animators using Adobe animate can make some wicked cool stuff, but there’s an entire tool in between that really picks up where Flash left off.

HTML5alive from Pronk Media is that tool. Pronk has been in the design and production business for decades, having produced several traditional text books and many e-learning assets. Founder Gord Pronk and his team created a platform to help with the animation part of their production in HTML5, a language that we all know, is viewable on any browser on any device.

The in house tool that they created has been used for over 100 different pieces of lesson material for some of the biggest educational publishers in the world. Not they’re making that tool available to publishers big and small, and instructional design firms that want to bring their lessons, courses and e-learning modules to life with animation.


HTML5alive is a collaborative authoring and development platform that allows anyone to create rich, engaging, and accessible lessons. Since it’s all in HTML5 anything created is easily displayed and usable on any device.

HTML5alive features include:

Amazing Animations

  • Easily create lightweight SVG animations, either as stand-alone movies, or as part of an engaging and fun lesson.
  • Animation synched to audio narration
  • Low-cost, engaging character animation employing our unique gesture libraries and auto-lip-synching technology
  • Hundreds of pre-set animation effects

Engaging Interactivity

  • Our authoring environment includes a range of customizable lesson, activity, and assessment templates.
  • We’re continually growing our library of templates so users can create incredible lessons without touching a line of code.

Effortless Collaboration

  • With a range of commenting and editing features, our intuitive authoring environment facilitates collaboration between teams
  • HTML5alive™ integrates seamlessly with other content in any LMS

The HTML5alive team would design a “look and feel” for a product, design a cast of characters and build all the templates. Then they would hand the newly created environment off to a publisher, and they would produce the lessons. They would also provide training and technical support and also provide any part of the service that the publisher was not equipped to provide including illustrations, animations, voice over artists and more.

HTML5alive offers effortless collaboration the intuitive authoring environment facilitates collaboration between team members. Also, they’ve built in a great math engine that allows users to build in fractions, complex equations and more. It’s a powerful tool for designers, creators and producers of educational content to really move the needle on the instruction part of the digital classroom. It’s also backed by a team that’s been in the education space for decades.

You can see some of the amazing things that can be developed with HTML5alive here. 

You can visit with Gord Pronk and learn more about HTML5alive at EdNet in Scottsdale September 17-19th

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