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EdNet 2017: HTML5Alive Brings New Life To Your Content

PRP-ISTE EdNet 2017: HTML5Alive Brings New Life To Your ContentHTML5Alive Brings New Life To Educational Content, Filling a Void Left By Flash

HTML5Alive is a great product. They’ve come out with a platform that allows instructional designers and publishers to add rich animation to any online material. It’s all done without the need for animation software and easier to use than Adobe Flash which will be completely gone by 2020.

Designers can create characters and movements with audio embedded in the presentation and lips synched to the audio which makes the animations look authentic, professional and takes content to the next level.

We got a chance to talk with Gord Pronk, the founder and creator of HTML5Alive check out the video above.

We also spoke to Pronk, whose spent the last 30 years designing for education, about the importance of rich content.  Even today, most of the digital text books are just PDFs that may have embedded videos.

Teachers have digital textbooks and digital games available to teach their students. We are used to games being animated and interactive.

HTML5Alive brings many of the elements found in games that captivate students, to content. So HTML5Alive goes well beyond an animation platform.

Check out the video above and for more information visit HTML5Alive.com

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