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EdNet Preview: Learnosity Is The AWS For Education

HTML5-720 EdNet Preview: Learnosity Is The AWS For EducationMillions Of Learners Use Learnosity Every Day, They Just Don’t Know It

learnosity-top EdNet Preview: Learnosity Is The AWS For Education

When writing about startups most of the folks that cover them equate them to something else. We do it here, all the time, without even thinking about it. For instance, we typically say that Bloomz is the Facebook for the entire school community. Some startups are the Uber for this and the Airbnb for that. Learnosity CEO and co-founder Gavin Cooney says that Learnosity is the AWS (Amazon Web Services) for education. With that in mind, millions of students and learners use Learnosity every day, they just don’t know it.

Learnosity does the heavy lifting for other learning and education technology companies, as well as for schools, colleges and campuses that have creating their own learning platforms. They provide the building blocks to create robust assessment and learning platforms, everything is wrapped around the assessment. With Learnosity the sky is the limit when creating tests and assessments for today’s modern learner.

When building with Learnosity they provide a wide range of question types, in fact if it’s a question type that can be used on a computer or device, Learnosity can support it. Their question types include; drag and drop, fill in the blank, visual questions, audio questions, interactive questions, multiple choice and more. The platform offers over 60 technology enhanced items. Learnosity even supports complex math equations and chemistry.

learnosity-ss EdNet Preview: Learnosity Is The AWS For EducationLearnosity’s feature packed scoring and feedback scoring platform is just as robust as their question types. Building your assessments with Learnosity will give you access to their rule based scoring engine that automatically marks all of your auto scorable questions instantly. Whether you’re creating an e-learning platform for driver’s ed or a complex chemical engineering exam, grading and scoring couldn’t be easier. Imagine administering an exam to 300 students in your 3pm lecture and having the results back as the students walk out the door.

Learnosity can be used at any educational level. Whether you’re a small drivers ed school or offering training and continuing education at your office, maybe you’re a K-12 school that is developing your own proprietary learning system or a higher ed institution that is designing your own curriculum, or maybe you’re an established education company looking for a new assessment partner. Learnosity can deliver because they do one thing, assessment and they do it well.

And just to be clear, in regards to Learnosity, assessment can be any e-learning solution that asks any kind of question. Even if you’re creating an online biology textbook, Learnosity’s tools can be there every step of the way and their affordable with low cost per user licensing.

You can find out more about Learnosity at EdNet in Scottsdale Arizona September 17-19th and online at Learnosity.com 

PRP-ISTE EdNet Preview: Learnosity Is The AWS For Education

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