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EDUCAUSE Preview: ACI Universal Payments, The Easy Way To Pay

banner-720x90 EDUCAUSE Preview: ACI Universal Payments, The Easy Way To PayACI Universal Payments Offers A New School Approach That Resonates With Today’s Gen Z Students, Making Payments A Breeze On Campus

aciuniversal-top EDUCAUSE Preview: ACI Universal Payments, The Easy Way To Pay

College freshmen this year have never lived in a time without Google. Their lives are intimately intertwined with technology and mobile devices. Frictionless isn’t a word they know but it’s what they’re used to, day in and day out. That’s why technology companies that want to be on the cutting edge of higher ed need to keep these Gen Z/ Post Millennial students in mind, every time they create a product.

Keeping up with the times is what makes ACI Universal Payments the preferred electronic payment solution at over 5100 organizations across the globe. ACI Universal’s customer base includes airlines, banks, grocery stores, government institutions, hotels, retail, higher education and more. They know the nuances of each industry and cater to them directly.

In higher education, ACI Universal delivers “new school convenience” making it easier for students, their parents and alumni to make tuition payments, on campus purchases and even donations.

ACI can deliver a payment solution to college campuses regardless of the technology they already have in place. If your school is an Ellucian institution or uses Oracle they offer platform specific solutions that make payments simple.  Campuses with an ACI Universal payment solution have seen student satisfaction go up 24%.

The ACI solution allows students to make payments through their school logon using any device they want anytime they want, anywhere they want. Students today want to pay it and forget it in the easiest way possible. ACI makes that possible and archives all of the student’s payment transactions so if they truly forget about it, they have a record if they need it later.

Students parents can even use the ACI Universal solution to pay tuition, registration fees and event fees (with their students permission of course). Schools can use ACI Universal to take in organization fees, ticketing fees and even alumni donations.

ACI understand the intricate needs of the college or university and has built their solution to scale. If your college has an enrollment of 500 or 100,000 ACI can help. You can find out more at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31 – November 3, booth #341 and online at aciworldwide.com 

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