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EDUCAUSE Preview: Increase Students Success, Reduce Student Drop Out With CogBooks Coursewar

CogBooks Courseware Helps Instructors Focus On Instructing

CogBooks-EDUCAUSE-Top EDUCAUSE Preview: Increase Students Success, Reduce Student Drop Out With CogBooks Coursewar

CogBooks Courseware, a British edtech company backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has created immersive, and adaptive online courseware that frees up time for instructors to do what they do best, teach. In an Arizona State University study, where students used CogBooks courseware, they saw a 24% increase in student success and an incredible 90% reduction in dropouts.

CogBooks has a variety of “rock solid, ready made”courseware that colleges and universities can implement right away or CogBooks can custom design courseware to fit any school’s sylibi and instructional needs.

Like other online courseware systems, CogBooks are made to fully integrate with today’s most popular learning management systems (LMS) like Canvas, Blackboard, and BrightSpace.

CogBooks-Comparison-EDUCAUSE EDUCAUSE Preview: Increase Students Success, Reduce Student Drop Out With CogBooks Coursewar

Revolutionizing Assessment and Assignments

CogBooks are built on their proprietary Advanced Adaptive Learning Platform.  Their AI infused recommendation engine intelligently learns about each student as they interact with the course. The platform gives feedback to the instructor enabling them to give the precise help that each student needs while also giving unprecedented insight into each student. With CogBooks learning activities form a network rather than a fixed sequence, the software actually knows how each piece of learning fits together and how each student is absorbing that learning.

Coogbooks has revolutionized assessment in the online learning space as well. While software platforms giving assessments back to instructors is nothing new, CogBooks provides real time assessment to the teacher (we know other systems do this too), and goes above and beyond that. Because of their adaptive learning, AI infused platform, the software automatically assesses the student as they are learning and moves them on only after mastering the learning objective. Students that learn faster can move on a little quicker while students struggling with content will be guided through more learning activities to build a better understanding of the concepts.

Similar to the way CogBooks does internal assessment, they also offer a new improved way of integrating assignments. Students that want to dive more into the lesson are able to do that while learners that are taking their time can stay put with the general lesson. While the software is learning the student and can automatically make recommendations and guide the student on their path, students through “Student Agency” are able to have a say as well. They can choose whether or not they want to view supporting content in a lesson.

See CogBooks in action at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31- November 3, booth #1057 and online at cogbooks.com