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EDUCAUSE Preview: Ferrilli Goes Beyond Consulting

Even In Higher Ed Technology Can Be Intimidating, Ferrilli Takes The Edge Off

ferrilli-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Ferrilli Goes Beyond Consulting

The world of technology in the higher ed space is changing rapidly. We’re not talking once a year, or even once every few months, new technology products for teaching, learning, and administering education from kindergarten to even workforce learning changes daily. A new product could be introduced one day, and a major update the next. Between Learning Management Systems, Student Information Systems, apps, could based storage, notification platforms, you name it, it’s got a special product tailored to the needs of the educational space.

There are a lot of technology consultants in the world. Most of them serve a purpose, sell technology solutions to the buyer. Education technology requires  a special kind of technology consultant. In the edtech space not only do they have to keep up with the rapid innovation and ever-changing landscapes but they have to be able to install new technology, teach new technology and then teach the users how to teach it again. This goes for backend systems, hardware and software to student facing technologies. At the end of the day, the learner is who receives the ultimate benefit from any technology purchase for education.

Robert Ferrilli, the President of Ferrilli Higher Education Technology Consultants knows the relationship of technology on the college campus and the relationship between the technology and the learner. He and his team know the technology, and keep their pulse on the changes, even as they come daily. They also know how to teach people. to teach people, to use it.That’s no easy task, and it requires a relationship that’s more than just a vendor/buyer.

“No matter what the assignment, our goal is the same–to deliver more–so you can achieve more. We will not only fulfill your request, we will offer ideas and recommendations to help you reach your institutional goals. We look for every opportunity to go beyond, do better, maximize your results. What other firms view as a service call, we see as a relationship” Ferrilli says on their website.

Ferrilli’s day to day would be seen by others as going above and beyond. Often times on big installations Ferrilli will leave a fulltime employee of theirs behind to insure that every user of the software, hardware or other system, knows exactly how to use it. Even if they forget down the line or an upgrade occurs and things get confusing, Ferrilli continues to support their higher ed clientele.

Don’t believe us, judge for yourself. You can meet the Ferrilli team at EDUCAUSE, October 31st- November 3rd in Philadelphia, booth #121 and online at ferrilli.com