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EDUCAUSE 17: Ferrilli Knows High Octane Higher Ed Performance

Signalvine-728x90_Set3 EDUCAUSE 17: Ferrilli Knows High Octane Higher Ed PerformanceIf It’s Technology For Higher Ed, Choose Ferrilli To Tune Your Systems Technology Performance

Ferrilli-EDUCAUSE-2-Top EDUCAUSE 17: Ferrilli Knows High Octane Higher Ed Performance

Ferrilli CEO and Founder Robert Ferrilli, shakes up the entry box for a chance to ride in that Ferrari at EDUCAUSE 17 (file phot)

At EDUCAUSE 2017 in Philadelphia Ferrilli is back with a chance to take a ride in your dream car. It’s not hard to find Ferrilli when they’re at a major edtech event. They’re the guys with the Ferrari in their booth. EDUCAUSE attendees on day one in the exhibit hall took a break to pose behind the wheel for a photo. But what does a Ferrari have to do with Ferrilli, other than sounding similar?

Robert Ferrilli and his team of higher ed tech consultants are known for one thing and that’s performance. From fine tuning your SIS, LMS, Financial, Mass Notification, or other systems, to networking, security and infrastructure, Ferrilli knows technology and they know education. That’s the key to their success.

Over the last two decades Ferrilli has helped higher ed clients of all sizes fix problems and discover a wide range of solutions.

Collaaj-Educause-Gopro-Banner-2 EDUCAUSE 17: Ferrilli Knows High Octane Higher Ed PerformanceThere’s not an education technology problem that Ferrilli can’t solve and while they’re solving the problem for your institution they will walk you through it every step of the way. But many of the company’s clients call when things are running smoothly, to see what they could do better, and again Ferrilli delivers. Some of their specialties include:


    • Assistance with your Banner™ & Colleague™ platforms by Ellucian
    • Financial Aid and Admissions
    • Help Desk Support
    • Student Services Assessments
    • System Upgrades
    • Security and Disaster Recovery
    • Network and Infrastructure
    • Dashboards and Reporting
    • Compliance Reviews
    • Cloud Migrations

“It may sound strange coming from a provider of technology services, but at the end of the day, it’s about more.
No matter what the assignment, our goal is the same–to deliver more–so you can achieve more. We will not only fulfill your request, we will offer ideas and recommendations to help you reach your institutional goals. We look for every opportunity to go beyond, do better, maximize your results. What other firms view as a service call, we see as a relationship.”  The company says on their website.

Robert Ferrilli drew the live name for the driving experience at EDUCAUSE on Wednesday afternoon but let everyone know it’s not too late to enter on the website here. 

Ferrilli is the kind of IT guy that thrives on providing the best possible solutions, and backs all of their solutions with checkered flag customer service.

Find Ferrilli until the end of the day in the Exhibit Hall on the far wall, look for the Ferrari. You can make an appointment to speak with them by phone here. 

If you’re looking for your photos from EDUCAUSE you can find them here. 

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