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EDUCAUSE 17 Previewing: Know Before Your Network Goes Down With Plixer

Plixer Detects Threats To Your Network Before It Goes Down

plixer-educause-top EDUCAUSE 17 Previewing: Know Before Your Network Goes Down With Plixer

As an IT professional managing a network with tens of thousands of students, faculty members and administrators using it every day, if you could have a crystal ball that told you when the network might go down you would buy it right? That’s exactly what Plixer can do.

Cyber threats come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Not every cyber threat comes from hackers in the Eastern world. Some cyber threats come from right down the street. Other cyber threats and vulnerabilities may not seem like threats or vulnerabilities at all. Even after equipping your network with the best security layer available, organizations realize that security and possible threat analytics can be key to protecting the infrastructure.

Plixer has teamed up with IP Domain Reputation databases and created dozens of algorithms that scour flows for odd behavior patterns that could be signs of malicious activity. By creating heat maps they are able to improve situational awareness.

Plixer is your go to source for network monitoring, threat management and incident response systems that all amount to one thing, more up time when you need it most.  The company offers three products, which are all very popular amongst the managers of some of the largest networks in the world. Scrutinizer, FlowPro and Replicator are all important tools that protect your network beyond virus scanners, malware protection and security suites.

Scruitinizer is an incident response system that provides forensic insight into users and applications that raise suspicion. “Using flow technologies such as NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, J-Flow and others, Scrutinizer is able to collect, archive and quickly retrieve the traffic details you need surrounding an incident.” the company says on their website.

FlowPro can be inserted into areas of the network where visibility is needed. The software uses deep packet inspection to compile flow cache, and export traffic and threat details. It insures that your network team has the insight and information where they need it when they need it.

The Flow Replicator allows numerous streams of data to be transparently replicated to several destinations.”t also acts as a syslog to IPFIX gateway by listening for syslogs, extracting the details and forwarding them on inside IPFIX datagrams. This all-inclusive network appliance is equipped with a simple, web-based user interface for administration.” Plixer says on their website.

With several options for providing valuable insight, every college campus and university can turn to Plixer to monitor, and provide insights into their networks where others can’t.

You can visit with Plixer at EDUCAUSE 17 in Philadelphia October 31st through November 3rd, Booth #2307 and online at plixer.com