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EDUCAUSE Preview: When It Comes To Campus Safety, RAVE Has You Covered

RAVE Mobile Safety Is Protecting Millions Of College Students

RAVEmobilesafety-top EDUCAUSE Preview: When It Comes To Campus Safety, RAVE Has You Covered

It’s a shame that we live in a day and time where active shooters are a real thing. In a moments notice a college campus can turn into a nightmare for students and faculty. While lately, it appears that active shooter situations have slowed down, that’s in part to safety technology like the products RAVE Mobile Safety provides.

Mobile safety apps have two very important functions, to inform students, faculty and everyone on a college campus of imminent threats of danger, and for students and faculty to be able to report dangerous or unsafe situations instantly. RAVE Mobile Safety offers both.

RAVE’s Mass Notification Solution makes it easy to quickly create and send mass notifications from any mobile or desktop device. Keep in mind that these solutions are great for other situations outside of an active shooter. For instance, some schools use RAVE’s notification platform to let students and faculty know when icy, slippery conditions are present on campus, or when there’s an electrical problem in a campus building. While they’re saving lives they are also making lives easier (and possibly preventing some broken bones).

Their mass notification solution allows users to deliver thousands of notifications across campus via text, phone, email and social media, not in minutes but in seconds. Students, faculty and stakeholders can opt in to receive mass notifications via SMS text message.

RAVE Mobile Safety’s College Safety App is a good, actually better replacement than the traditional beacon box found on thousands of campuses. With their college safety app there’s one button emergency alerting that can identify a location and type of emergency in seconds and dispatch 911 and campus safety to the exact location.

The company’s Personal Safety App is like having a panic button tied into campus safety, available at all times. Whether a student is feeling unsafe walking in a dark parking lot or worse, perhaps they’ve been raped or assaulted, help is a button push away.

Don’t trust us though, over 1400 institutions serving over 40% of the college population in the United States, use RAVE Mobile Safety. Over 400 million text messages have been sent using RAVE’s app ranging from those icy conditions to unsafe situations and lockdowns. All of those messages sent in a blink of an eye, allowing students to enjoy a safer college campus.

Visit with the RAVE Mobile Safety team at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31st through November 3rd in Philadelphia, Booth #1644 and online at ravemobilesafety.com