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Imagine If The Accreditation Process Was Much Easier, Meet SPOL

Signalvine-728x90_Set3 Imagine If The Accreditation Process Was Much Easier, Meet SPOLEDUCAUSE Preview: Effectively Manage Your Institution’s Accreditation Process, Easier, With Strategic Planning Online.

spol-EDUCAUSE-top-1 Imagine If The Accreditation Process Was Much Easier, Meet SPOL

In our continuous EDUCAUSE 2017 coverage, we’ve brought you a lot of stories and profiles about technology companies that are making learning, student life, and campus management easier, all for the betterment of academic life and goals. One of the most stressful and time consuming activities for higher education administration, executives and stakeholders is the accreditation process.  Imagine if there was a tool that would allow you to prepare and continuously update all of the components for compliance reports, state, federal and other regulations, while simultaneously ensuring that your institution stayed on track with your imporevement plan.

Strategic Planning Online, or SPOL, is a platform designed to both demonstrate continuous improvement and achieve the key components of institutional effectiveness.

SPOL is a collaborative platform for planning, budgeting, assessment and credentialing. When institutions institutions take advantage of the potential in all of SPOL’s tools they are simultaneously ensuring that they are compliant with accreditation standards and other regulations, and that your institution is executing it’s strategic plan for all of the important areas.

banner-720x90 Imagine If The Accreditation Process Was Much Easier, Meet SPOLPlanning

The planning tool within SPOL allows all of your campus stakeholders to collaboratively create objectives that tell what they intend to do, and how they intend to measure strategic planning efforts.


The budget tool will allow stakeholders to identify their budget needs to carry out their objectives and plan. They will also be able to see the aggregated effects of the budget request


How will the stakeholders, faculty, key players and the institution overall be assessed. How will your institution measure success and then use those measurements to improve actionable outcomes. An outcomes tool within assessment is used to document changes. Both academic and non academic functions can be assessed in SPOL’s easy to use platform.

rsmart-banner-educause Imagine If The Accreditation Process Was Much Easier, Meet SPOLCredentialing

Do you have the right instructors lined up for the right classes. Do they have the credentials needed to teach those courses. SPOL’s credentialing tool is a repository for credentials, a verification system and a certificate system. As instructors are entered into the system their credentials are memorialized so that when it comes to accreditation time every institution can demonstrate with complete confidence that their instructors hold the proper credentials. As your faculty earns more certificates and their own education, the credentialing tool can quickly be updated.

All of these tools come together to prepare your institution for compliance and accreditation.  The accreditation tool ties both outcomes and objectives to standards in the accreditation module. In this module institutions can easily bring all of their evidence and a narrative together for publishing. To assist with that SPOL has a library of commonly used templates for compliance and accreditation. The platform populates this information into the templates and you’re ready to go.

Colleges across the country use SPOL. Once they’ve used the tool the first time, keeping it updated for future accreditation and peer reviews is much simpler. Strategic Planning Online is able to turn a process that typically takes months, into something stakeholders can accomplish in just a few short days.

Ace your accreditation and compliance, visit with Strategic Planning Online in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, November 1-3 and find out more online at spol.com 

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