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EDUCAUSE Preview: STOP Is Maximum Asset Protection

modolabs-banner EDUCAUSE Preview: STOP Is Maximum Asset ProtectionSTOP, Security Tracking of Office Property Is Maximum Asset Protection For Your College or University

STOP-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: STOP Is Maximum Asset Protection

Colleges and Universities spend billions of dollars on technology per year. A medium sized school could easily spend over a million dollars a year in school owned laptops, tablets, smartphone and other technology. Protecting these assets protects your bottom line, and it shouldn’t be difficult.

STOP (Security Tracking of Office Property) offers multi-layer protection for every device your institution owns.


STOP offers physical protection for your university owned electronics. Devices protected by STOP are outfitted with a secure serial number tattoo sticker. The STOP security plate comes in a large or small size. When the security plate sticker is removed the message “Stolen Property” along with STOP’s 800 number are left on the device. Thieves won’t steal what they can’t sell. Pawn shops, secondary electronics shops, and even unmanned device trading kiosks won’t accept merchandise with the STOP message, and even better, most will call STOP to report that they have your device.

For your more stationary electronics like laptops and desktops, STOP offers the STOPLock which is an anchoring system that can anchor computers and other equipment to desks and tables, eliminating the temptation to steal your devices.

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STOP also offers a state of the art, top of the industry protection which allows you to keep digital track of your laptops and other mobile devices, that your institution owns, whether it be 100s or even thousands. STOPMonitor Pro gives IT departments and administrators real time access to every device on the network. Now you know what’s happening with your equipment now instead of hours ago or even yesterday.  STOPMonitor Pro can give your IT department a real time location on each device and even let you know if there are problems with it. If your equipment is being compromised you’ll know right away.

STOP’s software solutions go beyond just tracking physical property. If you have a device on the network that has been compromised, reversible encryption lets your IT department instantly encrypt everything on the device until it’s returned to your institution. Many competitors offer a remote wiping system, while this is effective in some cases, many institutions would rather have their software files preserved rather than discarded. This state of the art technology is only available from STOP.

As technology evolves, thieves are getting smarter. Some device thieves will steal a device and then hold onto it until it’s far away from your network. They’ll then take the device in an offline mode and try and wipe it themselves. STOP’s software is ready for this. They offer a bootlock feature which will prevent your devices from even booting up after they’ve been removed from your network. This feature can even be set automatically with a “curfew”, where if the device doesn’t touch or checkin with the network within a set period of time, it’s rendered disabled to anyone but your institution.

STOP offers the best ways to protect your investment into technology. You can make the switch at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, booth #1648 and visit them online at stoptheft.com 

proctori0-720x90 EDUCAUSE Preview: STOP Is Maximum Asset Protection