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AccelerEd Is Accelerating Innovation In Education At The Speed Of Technology

Nibletz-Educause-720x90v2 AccelerEd Is Accelerating Innovation In Education At The Speed Of TechnologyEDUCAUSE Preview: AccelerEd’s Academic Pedigree Makes Them A True Partner In Higher Education Technology.

accelered-EDUCAUSE-top AccelerEd Is Accelerating Innovation In Education At The Speed Of Technology

“Technology is changing faster than student fashion” that’s a line we happily stole from AccelerEd’s web page because it’s so true. At the same time we all know that colleges and universities want to jump on technology as quick as possible but the onboarding process is slower than the turtle eating the Tootsie Roll pop. Typically, innovation happens so quickly that by the time an institution is ready to pull the trigger the next iteration of the product is available. Most folks in the higher ed industry are acutely aware of that.

Often times technology for higher education is cost prohibitive. When you start adding up licensing fees for tens of thousands of licenses the decision making process tends to take a little bit longer.  EdTech companies that have spun out of legacy enterprise solutions typically don’t understand that. Here at nibletz.com we’ve been covering the tech side of edtech long enough to know that it takes a special set of circumstances to hit a home run with education technology. That’s usually predicated on pedigree.

One of the major forces behind AccelerEd an edtech company based in the Washington DC area, is Greg Smith. Smith has spent the last 20 years in higher education and education technology. He’s uniquely positioned to understand both sides of the edtech conundrum both as an educator and as a technology provider.

AccelerEd believes in making innovative technology products for one reason and one reason only, to drive student success. They also believe that in order to do that technology needs to be widely accessible.

AccelerEd is a great company to partner with to reach your academic success goals. They also have two products that they’ve developed that will continue to gain popular amongst faculty and students.

AccelerEd Virtual Lab

new-mindappster-educause-banner AccelerEd Is Accelerating Innovation In Education At The Speed Of TechnologyThe AccelerEd Virtual Lab is a cloud based, virtual academic lab, environment that enables experiential competency oriented learning from any location. It’s the perfect tool for institutions that are offering a hybrid of online and offline classes. It’s also perfect for anyone needing to take the academic lab and put it in a cloud based environment for things like collaboration.

AccelerEd backs their Virtual Lab with:

  • Technology lifecycle management
  • Security monitoring and remediation
  • Solution performance monitoring
  • Program and course design services
  • Capacity and license management
  • Project and success management

Their other big product is the AccelerEd Cloud Manager. Long gone are the days of all in one legacy based software products for higher education. Instead of looking for an all in one solution, institutions are looking for best of breed and 9 out of 10 times that solution is cloud based. It’s hard enough for an individual to keep track of all their cloud based assets there’s Google Drive, Drop Box, Box, SalesForce, and a slew of other products. Managing the cloud based software assets of a college or university are the things horrible nightmares are made up of.

To fix that, AccelerEd has created AccelerEd Cloud Manager. In layman’s terms AccelerEd Cloud Manager ensures that your cloud based software assets are as easy to manage as your local software assets. Features include:

  • A modern, redundant data center with infrastructure as code delivered externally
  • Fully automated deployments for server and infrastructure
  • Improved response from applications globally
  • Ability to scale key applications during peak usage automatically
  • Automated provisioning console for easy control over your cloud-based technology assets that adhere to your institutions requirements.

At the end of the day though when looking for a technology partner in higher education you need to consider the experience the company has, not just with technology but with higher education. With Smith’s first hand knowledge of how university’s work at two different schools with tens of thousands of students, and nearly a decade at Hobson’s you can’t go wrong with AccelerEd.

Chat with Greg and the AccelerEd team in the Startup Alley at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, November 1-3 and find them online at AccelerEd.com  (pssst you can also find Greg personally on Twitter)

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