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EDUCAUSE Preview: AEFIS Offers Power Solutions For Assessment Success

Signalvine-728x90_Set3 EDUCAUSE Preview: AEFIS Offers Power Solutions For Assessment SuccessAEFIS Can Get Your Whole Campus On The Same Page When It Comes To Assessments

aefis-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: AEFIS Offers Power Solutions For Assessment Success

When instructors, faculty members and administrators spend less time working on assessments they can focus on what matters most, learning and education. But that is nearly impossible with the way assessments are handled today.

“Various stakeholders constantly demand data that requires tapping on the shoulders of several colleagues across campus. The siloed culture of many campuses makes exchange of data even more challenging, especially when workflows vary from unit to unit.” AEFIS says on their website.  Most college faculty members would agree.

AEFIS offers a variety of powerful solutions as part of their cloud based, integrated assessment management platform. One subscription to AEFIS gets your college or university access to all of these tools:

  • Curriculum Mapping + Outcomes Alignment
  • Outcomes Assessment + Evidence Collection
  • Outcomes Transcript + Competency Portfolio
  • Self Study + Accreditation Reporting
  • Strategic Planning + Data Collection
  • Faculty Activity + Curriculum Vitae
  • Course + Syllabus Management
  • Course Evaluation + Feedback

The AEFIS platform is based on an improvement cycle that just makes sense for higher education. Their tools provide features and functionality to create an effective “Plan> Collect > Analyze > Improve cycle campus wide.

aefis-cycle-2 EDUCAUSE Preview: AEFIS Offers Power Solutions For Assessment SuccessTheir robust system can be cloud based or hosted locally on your institution’s campus. Their scalable architecture means that if you have a student body population of 1,000 students or 75,000 students, AEFIS can be the assessment solution for your school. And of course, security of your data, student and faculty information is of the utmost importance. They use many top tier security protocols and employ a company wide “zero compromise security commitment” policy.

AEFIS does all of this for the students. They want to improve overall student outcomes. Students get to college and their courses live in silos. They typically take a course, and then check it off their list without completely understanding how all of their courses connect and without the foresight to see how their course selection and progress affects their major and their professional goals. AEFIS student tools allow them to be more proactive, evaluate courses and give feedback to faculty. Students can also access syllabi for courses they are taking or thinking about taking. Finally they can take surveys, share ideas and help improve their teaching along the way.

You can find out for yourself how AEFIS can improve educational outcomes at your college or university. Visit them in the Startup Alley Graduates area at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31 – November 3 and online at aefis.com 

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    Dear Andrea, Thank you for an excellent “EDUCAUSE Preview” article on AEFIS. You have accurately captured key aspects of our AEFIS and successfully articulated our mission and passion. Best, The AEFIS Team