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EDUCAUSE Preview: Aviso Retention, A Retention Tool Built By Educators

gtlyfe-720x90-ad-rvsd1 EDUCAUSE Preview: Aviso Retention, A Retention Tool Built By EducatorsAviso Retention Helps Colleges and Universities Focus Retention Efforts Where They Will Have The Most Impact

avisoretention-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: Aviso Retention, A Retention Tool Built By Educators

Intervention and retention efforts are often times the hardest thing to manage in today’s colleges and universities. Outdated software tools, data analytics with no clear message and mounting workloads make it hard for advisors to focus their efforts where they will have the most impact. Faculty advisors, administrators and even instructors are tasked with improving the completion rate across America’s college campuses. This is no small task.

Luckily, there’s Aviso Retention, a three pronged platform for increasing retention efforts where they will have the most impact. Aviso, was created by a group of people with backgrounds in higher education. They wanted to create the ultimate tool that they had always wished they had, when it comes to managing retention efforts.

Aviso uses a unique approach with three key tools, student coaching, support software and predictive analytics.

Aviso uses a data driven identification of student needs and development stages that are unique to each institution. After which, coaching strategies are derived that will work best with each student at each stage in their academic cycle.  Aviso supports this with on-site installation and training.

oneorigin-720x90 EDUCAUSE Preview: Aviso Retention, A Retention Tool Built By Educators

As part of their approach to retention, Aviso starts at the earliest part of a student’s academic career. The Aviso platform assists students in developing a plan for success, then they can help advisors intervene right when it’s necessary and in the right way. The system tracks the progress of the student.  Aviso’s predictive analytics uses customized institutional data that can anticipate and score the attrition risk level for each student throughout the educational process.

It’s widely known that as students become more and more at risk for attrition, even unknowingly, they become disengaged. Often times, without a systematic approach like Aviso’s, advisors intervene too late. By nature, most students won’t reach out to their advisor and ask for help. Sometimes the meeting request an advisor gets from an at-risk student is to tell them that they’re withdrawing and the car is already packed.

“Our student support methods were largely reactive versus proactive. Now, with analytics in place, we have a deeper understanding of student risks and can intervene much quicker…” Brian Merritt, VP of Student Learning and Chief Academic Officer, Central Carolina Community College said on the Aviso website.

Echoing the sentiment of Merritt’s testimonial, Aviso will benefit as a partner in a $9.2 million dollar grant to increase student retention at North Carolina community colleges.

“Aviso was invited to be a partner in the grant because of the tremendous success we had already experienced at Central Carolina Community College,” said Bryan Bell, chief data scientist at Aviso Retention. “After using our software for 24 months, the college saw a 13 percent increase in student retention. More than 450 students were retained who were identified as being at-risk of dropping out of college and close to $1.5 million in additional tuition revenue earned as a result.”

Is it time for an intervention for your college or university’s retention resources? Check out Aviso Retention at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, November 1-3, booth #541 and online at avisoretention.com 

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