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Who Ya Gonna Call? BlackBeltHelp

proctori0-720x90 Who Ya Gonna Call? BlackBeltHelpEDUCAUSE Preview: BlackBeltHelp Has Help Solutions For Just About Every Area Of Higher Education

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It’s spring semester and while your current students are working towards their degrees your institution has a new wave of applications, new enrollments, and financial aid questions. Your admissions office has two support people and the phone lines are ringing twenty four hours a day, 100 emails are coming in per hour. Who ya gonna call? BlackBeltHelp

It’s 3:30am on a Thursday night and a junior is working on a 30 page paper, all of the sudden their access to the network goes down. Who are they gonna call? BlackBeltHelp

Your enrollment is 60,000 your institution has 25 full time faculty advisors and 20,000 students are on academic probation. Who are you gonna call? BlackBeltHelp

BlackBeltHelp is a help desk solutions provider exclusively for the higher education market. They offer a broad range of services designed to help your institution, your faculty and your students in any number of ways. From 24 hour help desk support for admissions, enrollment, student services, retention and even IT help desk, to applications for password management, general help and even emergency notification BlackBeltHelp has a solution.

BlackBeltHelp has three main help solutions, human help like call centers and management resources, application based help via mobile app and online chat, and even artificial intelligence. Earlier this year BlackBeltHelp announced the release of artificial intelligence for higher education to automate 50% of IT help desk support.

BlackBeltHelp is your lifeline for:

Help Desk

  • IT Help Desk
  • IT Managed Services
  • Student Services
  • Financial Aid
  • Admissions and Enrollment
  • Retention Services

Artificial Intelligence

  • Artificial Intelligence for IT
  • Artificial Intelligence for Enrollment
  • Artificial Intelligence for Financial Aid

Mobile and Web Help Tools

  • BlackBeltHelp Classroom Emergency App
  • BlackBeltHelp Chatter (live chat support)
  • BlackBeltHelp Lexicon (Knowledge Management and Insta Alerts)
  • BlackBeltHelp Password Manager
  • BlackBeltHelp SF1 Incident Management App
  • BlackBeltHelp Mobile App
  • BlackBeltHelp Single Sign On Solution

The Cleveland based company has been supporting higher education for over 5 years and it’s the only thing they do. BlackBeltHelp already has 200 global clients.

Find out how they can help you at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, November 1-3, booth #525 and online at blackbelthelp.com 

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