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EDUCAUSE Guide: Bomgar Provides Secure Access To Your Growing Academic Environment

Bomgar Has A Unique Understanding of College and University Access Needs

bomgar-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Guide: Bomgar Provides Secure Access To Your Growing Academic Environment

In a college or university with 10,000 students and 1500 faculty members it’s not hard to reach 40,000 devices on your campus network looking for access to your campus applications. This latest wave of students is more than likely carrying one smart phone, one tablet and one laptop. They may have a desktop back in the dorm room and possibly a game system. Add into that computer labs, faculty devices, front office devices and your number quadruple rapidly.  With all of this traffic IT support can be a tricky issue.

Big networks with multiple devices aren’t exactly new. Hostpitals, hotels, big office parks, military installations, shopping malls heck even public city wifi often carry staggering numbers of devices. But the college and university network, and access to it and it’s applications are a different kind of beast.

For starters your core group of users is anywhere from 17-22 years old. This is their first time outside of the home. They may be IT savvy themselves but chances are mom, dad or uncle steve handled all of their networking needs. When they got home their devices just worked. Same with at school. Add to that the fact that some of these students are risk takers. Often times they’ll download software, open malicious text messages, or really believe that their iPhone is at risk for infection.

IT Support desks, vendor and application support people and more need access to your network at any given time. Remote access to diagnose, troubleshoot and fix problems ranging from students who can’t access a file to much more complex issues, is convenient. Having remote support is typically a huge cost savings, especially for large institutions. Remote access means that each one of your software and platform providers can fix your issues without a costly trip to campus.

Remote access also comes with huge risks. Anyone with access to systems and privileged credentials are prime targets for cyber attacks. It was remote access via vendor portal that led to the world famous target hack of 2013.

Colleges and universities want to allow the convenience of remote access with the security of Fort Knox. Bomgar makes that possible. Bomgar offers best in class remote support, privileged access and password vault products that ensure people supporting your campus aren’t hacking or infecting it.

Bomgar is an expert in securing access to growing academic environments.  Bomgar’s comprehensive access and security solutions help colleges and universities worldwide:

  • Efficiency – IT service desks can remotely access and fix nearly any device, from laptops to servers and smartphones, whether on campus or on the other side of the world.
  • Multi-platform flexibility – service desk reps can provide support to Windows, Mac and Linux systems as well as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Chrome OS and Windows Mobile devices, enabling BYOD.
  • Mobility – service desk reps can support from their own iPad, iPhone and Android devices, keeping them productive even when away from their desk.
  • Security – session access and data never pass through a third-party server due to Bomgar’s appliance and secure cloud deployment options. This ensures student records stay safe and your organization remains compliant with guidelines such as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Bomgar also stays on top of the growing trends in higher education and security. Today, more and more Google Chromebooks are appearing on college campuses. These lightweight alternatives to traditional laptops mean that more devices can be deployed for less money. In the latest version of Bomgar’s Remote Support 17.1 the company has added remote access to Chromebook laptops that can diagnose and troubleshoot issues, streamlining support for Chromebook users.

Find out how you can standardize support and secure access for your growing academic environment when you meet with Bomgar at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, November 1-3, booth #633 and find out more online at bomgar.com