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EDUCAUSE Preview: CampusESP Because Family Engagement Matters

campusESP-EDUCAUSE-top EDUCAUSE Preview: CampusESP Because Family Engagement MattersWhile So Many Companies Focus On Student Engagement, CampusESP Is Engaging The Family

We’ve talked a lot about engaging with millennial and post millennial students on college campuses. We’ve reported on several companies that have innovative approaches to capturing and holding the attention of today’s modern students. But what we don’t talk about a lot is families.

It’s a given that having familial involvement, especially from parents, at every level of education can have a very positive effect on the outcome of the student. That makes perfect sense. What we tend to see today though, is two very distinct groups of parents; helicopter parents and the ones who are trying so desperately to be hands off and let their student blossom.

Philadelphia edtech startup CampusESP actually solves problems for both groups.

“CampusESP helps colleges focus parent and family involvement on recruiting effectiveness, student retention and parent giving.” the company says on their website.

It’s a beautifully designed online platform, optimized to run on any device. CampusESP gives parents and family members access to the information and communication they need to feel reassured that their student is doing well. It’s also a first line defense to help parents and families get involved when their student begins to struggle.

CampusESP stays with the parent from enrollment to post graduation. When it comes to enrollment the company has seen improvements in retention up to 25% by constructively involving parents and families.

By allowing access to registrars and records, institutions can reduce calls from parents over simple information lookups by 33%. Why waste a staff members time looking up how many credit hours a student has or if their parents made the July 1st payment when all that information can be available via CampusESP on their smartphone, tablet or computer.

CampusESP is FERPA compliant through FERPA waivers that schools control and a student must approve. Once the information is in the hands of parents and family members, helicopter parents finally have a place to land. This leads to more productivity for the parents, staff members and the student.

The information available through CampusESP comes in easy to understand infographic views that inform parents o their students progress and important financial details.  The platform also helps facilitate parent giving for colleges and universities. Parents can also stay part of their school’s CampusESP community even after their student graduates.

CampusESP is turning heads at every higher ed and edtech event that they go to. For so many years there hasn’t been an app or platform for parental communication and engagement. You can check out CampusESP at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia October 31- November 3 in the Startup Alley, you can probably ask their team where to get a really good cheesesteak too. You can also visit them online at campusesp.com