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EDUCAUSE Preview: CampusM From ExLibris Is Mobile The Way Your Institution Wants It

Whether Portal Or Native Mobile App, CampusM Is The Future Of Student Engagement

CampusM-EDUCAUSE-Top EDUCAUSE Preview: CampusM From ExLibris Is Mobile The Way Your Institution Wants It

Everything is mobile these days. Students starting their freshman year of college have come to rely on mobile apps and mobile platforms over any other form of communication. This new breed of student is used to anything and everything having a mobile app. They grew up knowing, “there’s an app for that”.

CampusM from ExLibris is a complete mobile platform that brings all of a college or university’s important information and functions to the mobile screen. Attendance, grades, LMS, notifications, campus events, communication, alerts, transportation, student government, campus radio, scheduling, tuition, registrar even admissions are brought under one mobile experience.

The team behind CampusM knows that while schools want to go mobile not every school is ready to deploy a mobile app, for that reason, CampusM can be an online portal solution, available on any browser, or a native app, or both. This means that no matter what way your students and faculty consume content and information, there’s a solution from CampusM.

CampusM integrates with LMS, SIS and LDAP systems which means that the mobile experience can be personalized for the user it can also be customized and users (students) can decide which screens and functions are most important to them. CampusM is a lightweight solution which makes deployment and upgrading easy, and fast. In fact you don’t need to know how to code to push an update to the platform.

The portal environment allows for students to receive the same familiar experience via laptop, desktop or mobile device. The native mobile app offers the familiarity of a mobile experience in an always ready environment. CampusM is also one of the only platforms available that seamlessly integrates with wearables like AndroidWear and the AppleWatch meaning that any student, regardless of how they consume data and notifications, won’t miss a beat when it comes to campus life.

They go beyond the portal and native app as well. ExLibris is known for pushing the envelope when it improves customer performance. To that end, they’ve been developing beacon technology that will make it easier for colleges and universities to seamlessly take attendance and have a record of who’s where and when in case there was ever an emergency.

CampusM stays on the forefront of the future of innovation on today’s college campuses. You can check them out in person at EDUCAUSE in Philadelphia, October 31st- November 3rd and online at campusm.com 

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